Organization Charts

Financial Operations Administration

Financial Operations, a department within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, includes the Purchase, Pay & Travel teams outlined in the subsequent sections. 

  • Maureen Beal, Associate Vice Chancellor
  • Jennifer Theleen, Communications Manager
Payment Processing & Compliance

Payment Processing & Compliance is responsible for: paying suppliers accurately and within agreed upon terms; reimbursing travel & business expenses; managing payment card programs including the P-card, the University Travel Card, and the Vincent cards; implementing a system of sound internal controls to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws; capitalizing and inventorying of purchased capital assets.

  • Stephanie Ford-Jones, Director
  • Elizabeth Lanzy, Operations Supervisor
  • Michael Moore, Compliance Supervisor
  • Robert Terry, Software & Supplier Liaison
  • Jennifer Bailey, Accounts Specialist
  • Sarika Sethia, Credit Card Administrator
  • Melissa Kramer, Compliance Specialist
  • Karen Lear, Payment Review Specialist
  • Renata Holmes, Compliance Specialist
  • Phillip Fry, Expense Report Analyst
  • Betty Thompson, Accounting Clerk
  • Carrie Showman, Operations and Compliance Specialist
  • Kevin Starke, Capital Asset Specialist
  • Brett Cooksey, Audit Specialist
  • Caitlin Wilson, Compliance Specialist
  • Jessica Rybak, Payment Processing Specialist
Purchasing Services & Customer Service

Purchasing Services is responsible for: post-implementation management of University-wide contracts, including strategies for cost savings; maintaining relationships with University-wide Contracted Suppliers; assisting RCs with unique purchasing needs (over $50K) and identifying opportunities to increase spend with diversity suppliers; identifying environmentally preferable purchase options; and managing conflicts-of-interest in procurement; and managing the University Travel Program.

Customer Service provides assistance with questions related to purchasing, paying, booking travel, and expense management. Visit this page to request assistance.

Thomas Youngs, CPSM, C.P.M, CPPO

Melissa Frisiras , CPSM, C.P.M
Assistant Director

Lorraine Grmusa

Jessica McElligott
Contracts Administrator412-624-6205

Jennifer Barnes
Diversity & Sustainability Manager
Emily Duchene
Travel Program Manager
Tammy Nolan
Customer Service Manager
Kathleen Krepps, CPSM
Senior Buyer

Areas: Dental, Food Services, Housing, International Purchases, Mailing Services, Scientific. 
Senior Buyer
Areas: Athletics & Physical Education
Controlled Substances,
Repair/Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance, Construction Services, Furniture, Scientific. 
Beth Clites
Senior Buyer
Areas: Conferences & Events (all
Procurement Specialists
For a listing of all Procurement Specialists and their assigned Responsibility Centers , visit this page.
Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing is responsible for: identifying and managing strategic sourcing opportunities for University-wide savings on purchased goods and services, including Commercial Partnerships; administration of the PantherExpress System, a cloud-based purchasing and invoicing system for most goods and services purchased at the University; and the enablement of suppliers and their e-Catalogs and e-Invoicing through the PantherExpress System.

Michelle Smith
Melissa Andreychek
Sourcing Specialist
Melissa Kacin
Sourcing Specialist
Tyler Verin, MPA
Sourcing Specialist
Lauren Leonard
Sourcing Analyst