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Agilent Technologies

Scientific - Medical Supplies
PA Supplier:
Uniform Guidance:


  • Laboratory supplies
  • Laboratory consumables

Purchasing Method

  • All orders except those for time and materials from Agilent Technologies should be submitted using the supplier’s punchout in the PantherExpress System.
  • Time and materials quotes from Agilent Technologies should be submitted using the Blanket/Standing Order Standard Form in the PantherExpress System.

Supplier Contacts

Shawn Roberts
Account Manager: Core Equipment/Capital Instruments
Michael Mason
Sales Representative: Consumables
Teara Stickley
Genomics and Reagent Representative: Genomics
Customer Support
Michael Conley
Sales Representative: BioTek, Cell Analysis Products
Jason Shields
Sales Representative: CEA - Cell Analysis Products
Leena Paul
Sales Representative: Seahorse- Cell Analysis Products
Zach Taylor
Sales Representative: Dako- Pathology Products
Erin Mclelland
ACEA Flow Cytometry Products
Ladi Akinwumi
Mass Spectrometry Products
Richard Beringer
Molecular Spectroscopy
Sasha Gregovich
LC Consumables
Jim Lynch
Academic Business Development
Contact Notes:
Please contact Jim for any chromatography products not listed.
Katherine Fawcett
District Sales Manager, Genomics Group
Contact Notes:
Please contact Katherine for any genomics products not listed.

University of Pittsburgh

Melissa Frisiras
Procurement Specialist

Programs and Designations

Special Instructions


  • Review this instructional guide on how to process quotes through the PantherExpress System punchout.  
  • Watch the recorded training session with Agilent, provides a walk through of placing an order in the PantherExpress punchout.
  • To place an order with multiple delivery dates: 
    1. Launch the Agilent Punchout from PantherExpress
    2. On the landing page, scroll down and select Quotes on the left under Orders & Quotes
    3. After reviewing your quote, select the Buy icon to transfer the order back to a PantherExpress requisition
    4. Your sales representative should already have emailed you a “Delivery Estimates.pdf” similar to this example.  You need to upload that PDF using the <External> Comments option.
    5. Submit the requisition for approval
    6. The PO will be placed via the PantherExpress System with quotes and comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to quotes when they expire within the punch-out? Is the history maintained somewhere? The quote is visible for 6 months online but the “BUY” Button changes to RENEW. If a user clicks the RENEW a lead generation is created and sales is prompted to generate a new quote. Additionally, you can also call Sales and ask for new quote. In summary, the old quote cannot be used after the expiration, but a new one can be created.

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