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Hughie’s Event Production Services

Event Production Equipment & Services
PA Supplier:
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  • Event Production Equipment & Services
  • Audio Visual Equipment and Services
  • Rigging, Staging, Lighting and Tenting Equipment and Services
  • Event Décor, Custom Set Design, and misc. items such as LED Wall, Mobile Trailer, and Crowd Control Items

Purchasing Method

  1. Review the Hughie’s Event Production Services Scope of Services, Equipment and Services List and Price List, which shows the contracted options and discounts available through Hughie’s Event Production Services.
  2. Contact Hughie's Event Production Services using the contact information provided below to schedule equipment and services. Nick Burkhart is the main point of contact for ordering. 
  3. Hughie’s Event Production Services will send a quote for department approval. The department will need to send the signed quote to the Hughie’s personnel who they ordered from. Once the quote is signed and delivered to Hughie’s Event Production Services, the department is contractually obligated to fulfill payment for the order. Delivery instructions and locations can then be decided and agreed upon.
  4. Equipment must be inspected and accepted by the department following delivery. The department assumes full responsibility for the equipment until it is returned and shall be responsible for the full value of the equipment that is not returned, or returned in a damaged, defective, or otherwise inappropriate condition. The department must use and operate the equipment in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  5. Departments are prohibited from soliciting Hughie’s employees for employment at the University.

Payment for Hughie’s Event Production Services Invoice

  1. Within seven days following the event, Hughie’s Event Production Services will send an invoice to the department (Services Agreement Number FY2020-15089-PPSA shall be referenced on all quotes and invoices). Payment terms shall be Net 30 Days upon University receipt of undisputed invoice.
  2. Use the “Other Payment Request” form in the PantherExpress System to submit your invoice.
    • Complete Parts A, C and D according to the instructions provided.          
    • Complete Part B (Business Purpose) according to the specifications below:     
      • Due Date – Enter the Invoice date
      • Purpose of Other Payment Request – Choose “Other”
      • Purpose of Payment - Enter a brief description including the date and purpose of the event if applicable.

Please contact Melissa Vrana, Procurement Specialist, with any questions about these instructions.

Supplier Contacts

Jeff Baxter
Production Manager

University of Pittsburgh

Melissa Vrana, M.Ed., CPSM
Procurement Specialist

Green Program