Supra Office Solutions, Inc.

Office Supplies
PA Supplier:
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  • binders
  • business cases
  • folders
  • calendars
  • desk supplies
  • ink cartridges
  • organizers
  • paper
  • PDAs
  • toner
  • writing instruments

Supra's strategic alliance partner is ODP Business Solutions (formerly Office Depot). 

Purchasing Method

PantherExpress System - Punchout      


Supplier Contacts

SUPRA Customer Service
M-F 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Contact Notes:
Toll Free phone number
Imani Boyd
SUPRA Account Manager
Greg Babbs
Office Depot, Office Max Account Manager

University of Pittsburgh

Corey Cyphert
Procurement Specialist

Programs and Designations

  • Personal Purchase Discounts
  • DBE Certified
  • Green Program: Keurig K-cup recycling as well as ink and toner recycling programs. Review the Special Instructions section for more information about these programs. Additionally, the SUPRA punchout in the PantherExpress System is configured to identify green alternatives among search results for products.

Special Instructions

Office Supplies Price Match: 

SUPRA is contractually required to use its best efforts to meet or beat third party pricing on exact match items. If you find the exact same SUPRA-offered item priced lower at another supplier then please contact SUPRA Customer Support at with your price match request.

Keurig K-Cup Recycling:

Departments with Keurig machines using exclusively Keurig-brand k-pods can utilize Keurig’s K-Cycle program. This program allows you to collect your used k-pods and ship them back to Keurig at no cost. Simply contact Greg Babbs or Imani Boyd to order small (10”x10”x10”) or large (10”x10”x24”) k-pod collection box for your office, enjoy your coffee, and collect k-pods until your box is full. Then, send the prepaid full box back to Keurig for free. Make sure to also ask Greg and Imani about the SUPRA $1 Keurig offer.

Ink and Toner Recylcing Program:

This ink and toner recylcing program supports Pitt’s sustainability goal to reduce landfill waste by 25% by 2030, while providing a significantly easier process for departments to recycle ink and toner. For additional ease and convenience, a mixture of both ink and toner cartridges can be shipped in the same box. Review the program flyer for more information and instructions. 

For any questions about the ink and toner recycling program contact SUPRA Office Solutions/ODP Business Solutions using the contact information listed below.

Green Program