The listing below includes regularly used checklists, forms, agreements, certificates, and worksheets important to Purchasing and Payment functions. If you are looking for a Purchasing or Payment related document and cannot find it here, please contact Customer Service. Note the following:

  • You must have Adobe Reader to view the forms in PDF format. Download the latest free version of Adobe Reader.
  • Some forms and checklists are interactive and include show/hide functionality. These forms work best when downloaded and opened in a desktop reader app. Users may experience compatibility issues or errors if opening these within their internet browser or on mobile devices.
  • To submit fillable forms, please do not save completed forms from your browser as it may result in the application deleting your entered content. To save and submit forms please use one of the following methods. (1) Download form and save to your desktop or local drive, open from your downloaded location, fill out the form, save, and submit. (2) Fill out the form in your browser and use the print functionality to print to PDF. You must change the printer from your default printer to the “save as PDF” option from the print dropdown.
20-Factor Test This tool is designed to help determine whether a worker or class of workers hired by the University to perform services should be classified as an employee or as an independent contractor. Visit this page for more information and access to the tool. 
To submit a Services Agreement amendment, please submit through the Contracts + module of the PantherExpress System.
Use this form to ensure all Conference & Event Agreement materials are in order. Visit the Conferences and Events page to learn more.
(formerly known as Conflict of Interest Certification superform/PDF)

Use this link to access information about submitting a conflict of interest disclosure through MyDisclosures. This is required in order to gain access to the following payment methods: PantherExpress System and P-card. Visit this page for more information about obtaining access to these payment methods.

Contract Entry Form
As of 5/1/22, this form is no longer required as services agreement should be processed through the Contract Request Form in the Contracts + module of the PantherExpress System.
DEA Licenses and Controlled Substances Visit this page for information about DEA licenses and Controlled Substances and review the guide for ordering DEA Controlled Substances.
Use this form to document the reason for recommending a supplier that was not selected through competitive bidding or was not the lowest bid.
This page has information about requesting payment for services that can not be paid on a P-card or obtained through a Purchase Order.
This Schedule contains required FAR/DFAR flowdown clauses applicable to service agreements of $10,000 or less. This Schedule is incorporated by reference in the Services Agreement (Short Form) template.
Use this form to acquire information about University payments to foreign nationals providing independent personal services or who are receiving an award or stipend. Visit this page to learn more.
If you desire to record speakers or retain rights to the content presented, you must document the speaker’s grant of permission and transfer of rights in writing using the "Speaker/Participation Content Recording Agreement".

If you need to pay an honorarium recipient, honorarium payments for visitors are now processed through Concur. Review this page for more information.
Use this form when suppliers are loaning equipment to the University on a short-term (not greater than six months), trial basis for evaluative purposes.
Only use this form to request a 32-digit account number with a reference code. Requests will be reviewed manually. The new reference code requested will not be generated automatically.
OneCard Change Request - Cardholder Initiated Use this form to request changes to a OneCard such as the account number and limit, or to close/cancel the card.
OneCard Change Request - Supervisor Initiated
OneCard Software Purchases Authorization Form  This form (and the Certification below) must be completed by individuals who have a OneCard issued to them and desire to purchase computer software licenses using their OneCard.
OneCard Software Purchases Certification This certification (and the Authorization form above) must be completed by individuals who have a OneCard issued to them and desire to purchase computer software licenses using their OneCard.
PantherExpress System User Profile Form
View this page for further information on the use of this form.
PantherExpress System Departmental Approval Form
View this page for further information on the use of this form.
P-cards: After October 10, 2022, no more P-cards will be ordered. Review information about OneCard, which is replacing the P-card and Travel Card. 

Use this agreement when contracting with a photographer or videographer. If the value of the agreement is $10,000 or less, it may be signed and executed by the supplier and an authorized individual in the department and submitted through the Short Form Services Agreement Specialty Form in the PantherExpress System. Agreements valued at greater than $10,000 must be executed by Purchasing Services andsubmitted through the Contracts + Module of the Panther Express System.

The Office of Trade Compliance has created a Product Classification form, which you can provide to the supplier, to help you obtain the Export Controls classification. Certain departments must include Export Controls classification information and other required supporting documentation with a requisition to the Purchasing Services department for purchase order creation. Learn more here.
Professional Services Agreements (PSAs)
PSA templates are no longer available and have been replaced by the Services Agreement. Please review the Services Agreement Checklist (below) for detailed instructions.
Professional Services Agreement Checklist
The Professional Services Agreement (PSA) Checklist is no longer available. Please refer to the Services Agreement Checklist below.
Provider Covenant to Comply with COVID-19 Policies and Procedures  This form is required to be signed by any supplier that will be on campus, agreeing to comply with the University's COVID-19 policies. Click here for more information.
Request for Quote (RFQ) Template 

Use this Request for Quotation template when soliciting quotes for goods or services valued at $50,000 or less. Contact your assigned procurement specialist with any questions.

Use this checklist to ensure all Requisition materials are in order.
Requisition Checklist - Federal Grants  Use this version of the Requisition Checklist when making purchases using Federal grant funding. Checklist includes both Federal Uniform Guidance and University purchasing requirements.
Requisition Form (paper)

Some areas of the University still use this form. The Requisition Form (paper) is available through University Business Forms (UBF).

  1. Visit, search for and select UBF
  2. Select Forms Library from the left-hand navigation
  3. Select the Reimbursement form, then follow the submission instructions on the form.

Use the Scope of Services template for the Contracts + submission or if you need a separate attachment for the Services Agreement (Short-Form Domestic). 

Review these tips for writing a Scope of Services.

Use this checklist to ensure all Services Agreement materials are in order.
Services Agreement Checklist - Federal Grants  Use this version of the Services Agreement Checklist when making purchases using Federal grant funding. Checklist includes both Federal Uniform Guidance and University purchasing requirements.
The Services Agreement (Short Form – Domestic) is for use at the departmental level and is intended to be reasonable and appropriate for smaller value services needs. Note the requirement under Instructions and Guidelines for Use to contact your assigned procurement specialist in certain situations. Submit through the Short Form Services Agreement Specialty Form in the PantherExpress System.
Use this checklist to ensure that the software review procedure is expedited and administered uniformly throughout the University.
Supplier Verification Form 
This form is used to verify supplier demographic. Visit this page for more information about the supplier verification process and utilizing the DocuSign template, including how to add/change supplier information.
Use this document to review the University's Standard Terms & Conditions.
University Travel Cards: After October 10, 2022, no more University Travel Cards will be ordered. Review information about OneCard, which is replacing the Travel Card and P-card. 
Instructions to request an advance for business travel funds and to access to the form are available on this page. Please note, the preferred payment method for travel expenses is the OneCard.

This page provides instructions for submitting expenses incurred during travel and/or other University business. 

Use this worksheet to calculate foreign currency exchange gains and losses.
The University of Pittsburgh is classified as tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code section 501 (c)(3). This determination letter confirms the University's federal tax-exempt status.
University's PA REV-1832  Use this certificate if a vendor requests a PA REV-1832.
Use this certificate to verify the University's tax exempt status (in Pennsylvania) as a Nonprofit Educational Institution. Visit this page for more information about tax exemption.
Use this list to identify states other than Pennsylvania that also grant tax exempt status to the University of Pittsburgh for goods and services purchased while in their state.
Use this certificate to confirm the University’s Tax Identification Number (TIN).
Vendor Security Risk Assessment  Any unit that wishes to engage with a vendor must initiate a vendor security risk assessment when contracting with non-University-wide Contracted Suppliers. Please initiate the risk assessment early to avoid delaying engagement with the vendor.
Wire Transfers & Foreign Currency Transactions  This includes the instructions and the form for submitting a foreign currency wire request.