Status Inquiries

Purchase Request Turnaround Time by Type 

The current average number of business days for Purchasing Services to process a requisition in the PantherExpress System:

Form Type Average number of business days
All Standard Forms (Non-catalog, blanket and software) 2.0
Conference & Event Agreements 9.5
Services Agreements 17.7
Supplier Provided Agreements 9.0
Updated: 4/30/2023

Payment Processing Status

Payments are processed in the order they are received. Refer to the table below for the most recent processing dates based on date of receipt.

Leave enough time between whn you submit a payment for timely payment. If you need to rush a payment, please call Customer Service or submit a Payment Inquiry and include the reason for the rush request.

  Received on: Processed on: Paid:
Specialty Forms 5-18-23 5-31-23  
PEX Invoices 5-31-23 Invoices will be processed within 4 business days of receipt. Payments will be generated according to terms of the agreement.
PRISM 5-30-23 5-31-23  
Concur Employee: 5-24-23
Non-Employee: 5-25-23
Non-Employee, Supplier Needs Added: 5-24-23
5-31-23 Checks should be prepared on the next business day. Direct deposit should occur two business days after the check is processed.

Last Updated: 5/31/23

If you submitted a payment after the “Received on” date, do not submit a payment status inquiry unless you need to rush the payment.

Due to an unusually high volume of Expense Reports, University travelers and purchasers are experiencing longer than normal processing times for submitted Expense Reports. PantherExpress Payment Processing are processing Expense Reports in the order they were received as quickly as they are able to while meeting necessary auditing and quality standards.