System Access & Training

Please note, we are working on updating or adding more training videos and resources for the following systems and cards.

For guidance on selecting between using the PantherExpress System and the OneCard, review this payment methods comparison table or contact Customer Service. Note any qualifiers, such as "in travel status."

PantherExpress System

The PantherExpress System is the cloud-based purchasing tool and preferred procurement and payment mechanism for most goods and services purchased at the University. More information about the PantherExpress System can be found here.

Requesting Access

PantherExpress is an enterprise-wide purchasing and financial system that permits users to purchase items against university accounts. Accordingly, PantherExpress is mandated to follow University of Pittsburgh policies that govern user access to the system, including Computer Access and Use Policy AO 10 and University Administrative Computer Data Security and Privacy Policy AO 35. Adherence to this policy is overseen by the University's Internal Auditing Department and is subject to review by internal and external entities, as well as the NIH.

Each person requiring access to PantherExpress must register for a unique user account. Group accounts cannot be created.

To gain access to the PantherExpress System you must:

  1. Complete the User Profile Form. PittPassport SSO is required to access this form. 
    • Download the form before filling in editable fields to avoid any limitations from the browser preview of the form.
    • Complete lines 1 through 7 on page 3, and sign line #12.
    • Submit to PantherExpress System Solutions
  2.  Submit a conflict of interest disclosure through MyDisclosures to comply with University Policy FN 06.
  3. Complete the required role-based training
    • You will receive an email with instructions to complete the training required based on the role you selected on the User Profile Form.
  4. Department Approvers must also submit the Department Approval Form. PittPassport SSO is required to access this form.

After you have followed the steps to request access (listed above), you will receive an email with instructions to complete the training that is required based on the role you selected on the User Profile Form:

  • Department Buyer
    • As a Department Buyer, you can create shopping carts in: punch-outs, hosted catalog, and standard forms for non-catalog buying. Learn more about the Buyer's role here.
    • Department Buyer training will introduce you to the PantherExpress system. You will learn how to navigate through the system, create and update purchase orders, add items to a shopping cart, navigate through the requisition, add account numbers, submit your requisitions, complete NOID resolution, auto close, and use standard forms.
  • Department Approver
    • Department Approvers approve the requisitions of Shoppers or Department Buyers who are purchasing items outside their Buyer Level. Approvers can also have a Department Buyer role. Learn more about the Approver's role here.
    • Department Approver training introduces Approvers to the PantherExpress system. You will learn how to navigate through the system, how to approve orders, and how to edit orders.
  • Shopper
    • Shoppers only have the authority to create shopping carts using: punch-outs and hosted catalogs for University-wide Contracted Suppliers. All purchases must be reviewed by a Department Approver who will assign the correct account number to their purchases. Learn more about the Shopper's role here.
    • Shopper training introduces Shoppers to the PantherExpress System and the responsibilities of a Shopper. Topics to be covered include searching the hosted catalogs and vendor punchouts and placing items into a shopping cart.
  • Specialty Forms
    • Specialty Forms in the PantherExpress System are used to submit payment requests for services agreements, events, and other payment types. Learn more about the Specialty Forms role here.
    • Specialty Forms training is mandatory for approvers of any specialty forms transactions, authors of contracts-for-services, and those who submit paper disbursements.

Training Resources

Transfer or Termination of Employment


The PantherExpress System syncs with the University’s employee record. Users who transfer from one department to another will have their user roles (permissions) from the former department removed after their employee record updates. If the individual will be purchasing for their new department, they must submit a new User Profile Form with the proper department signatures to have their user roles activated and their account codes updated to their new department’s requirements.

PantherExpress System users with the same user roles who took training within 1 year of changing departments are not required to complete further training. Requesting different roles or access may require additional training.


When an individual leaves the University, they lose access to the system when their University account (employee record) is terminated. This will inactivate their account and remove all applicable roles in the PantherExpress System.


The OneCard is available to all faculty and staff and works in conjunction with Concur and Anthony Travel to provide you with convenient, hassle-free Travel and Expense Management.  

The OneCard is the preferred payment method for all purchases related to booking or while in travel status. It is also used for the purchase of goods only when purchase through PantherExpress is not possible. 

More information about OneCard can be found on this page

Obtaining a OneCard

Step 1: Complete a Required Training Module 

If you have departmental approval to obtain a OneCard, the first step is to complete the required training. Log into the Learning Management System (LMS), Pitt Learning, to then access the course catalogue. From the LMS homepage, search the Course Catalog for and complete the following course: OneCard Policies & Procedures for New Card Holders. Follow this guide to register for and complete the required training. 

Step 2: Complete and Submit a OneCard Application 

A link to the OneCard application will be available at the end of the required training module. This electronic form does all the work of routing signatures for you so there is no need to print out the form. You will need your responsibility center number to complete the form. 

Step 3: Complete OneCard Agreement 

Upon successful completion of the training module, you will receive a link to the DocuSign Agreement. The OneCard Agreement requires two signatures – the cardholder’s signature, and the cardholder’s supervisor’s signature. For faculty, the second signer would be a business manager. 

Step 4: Receiving your OneCard 

After you have successfully completed training and turned in a completed OneCard Acceptance Form, the Credit Card administrator will contact you to confirm your card was processed and is being mailed. Please allow one week for delivery.  

Step 5: Read the Commercial Documents 

Your Charge Card (“Commercial  Card”) is issued by JP Morgan. Please read all documentation that they send with your card. This Agreement, as modified from time to time, governs your use of the Commercial Card and the Account ("Cardholder Account") issued in connection with the Commercial Card. 

  • Training for new cardholders: If you have departmental approval to obtain a OneCard, please follow the steps listed above, under Obtaining a OneCard.
  • Training for Software purchasers: Certain types of software, as defined on this page under "Exceptions", can be purchased on a OneCard by cardholders who have completed the following course in the Learning Management System (LMS), Pitt LearningOneCard Policies & Procedures for Software Purchase. Follow this guide to register for and complete the required training. 
Training Resources

Concur for Travel & Expense Management

The Concur cloud application is used for booking travel through the booking tool as well as reconciling and submitting all travel and business expense reports. All University OneCard charges must be reconciled in the Concur expense management system. This system should also be used for any non-OneCard expenses that are travel-related, including purchases while in travel status, as well as business entertainment expenses, such as hosting conferences or special events.

Visit this page for more information about the Concur system.


Logging into Concur

To access Concur, go to and search for Concur.

Getting Stated with Concur

  • Verify your name. It must match your government issued photo ID which you will present to airport security.
  • Verify Pitt and other email addresses
  • Enable e-Receipts option
  • Add delegates and travel arrangers that will help administer your travel
  • Establish a Mobile PIN and install the Concur, ExpenseIt and TripIt mobile apps
  • Activate your TripIt Pro subscription

Reference Guides

Visit the Concur Travel & Expense Sharepoint site.


Vincent Payment Solutions™

Vincent Payment Solutions™ is the University’s payment solution for medical study participants and other applicable individuals. Vincent Payment Solutions™ allows for the issuance of non-personalized, re-loadable, MasterCard-branded, stored value cards.

Vincent Payment Solutions™ offers a flexible methodology to execute payments to individuals outside of a traditional Accounts Payable vendor structure. Payments using Vincent Payment Solutions™ are made in a controlled, auditable environment with minimal risk and exposure to staff or clients. More information about Vincent Payment Solutions™ and paying research participants or individuals can be found here.

  • Pitt employees - Send the following documentation as a pdf to: and then complete the required training.
    • User Access Request Form –  All fields are required, unless labeled optional. 
      • The form must be signed by the applicant and an Authorized Department signer.
      • Digital signatures are permitted. You can find direction on digital signatures here.
      • Approval for delegated Authorized Department signature is granted only by a VincentPay Director within Pitt’s Office of the Treasurer.
    • Pitt ID Copy, or if employed elsewhere, a copy of ID from that employer.
  • Non-Pitt employees - Must obtain a Pitt User ID before this process may begin. Access to Pitt’s Vincent Payment Solutions™ requires a sponsor and Pitt login ID to enable the PittPassport SSO with multifactor authentication. Must completet he required training once access is provided.
  • Please note: no one will be approved for Vincent Payment Solutions™ access until training is completed. 
  • Undergraduate students are not permitted access to Pitt’s Vincent Payment Solutions™ system.

Logging In to the Vincent Payment Solutions™ System

  • The Vincent Payment Solutions™ system uses the University’s Single Sign-On feature (SSO). To log in to the system, visit or search for the Vincent application from
  • Vincent Payment Solutions™ will redirect you to sign in with University of Pittsburgh. On the next screen, you will be required to authenticate using your Pitt credentials. If you were already authenticated in the browser you are using, SSO will automatically log you in to Vincent Payment Solutions™ 

Registration is automatic, the link with instructions to the training site will be provided to the candidate once the access documentation described above is completed. No one will be approved for Vincent™ access until training is completed. 

Training Resources