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Cold Storage Equipment Lead Times & Laboratory Plasticware for Research

Cold storage products are becoming increasingly difficult to source in the domestic supply chain due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for all types of freezers has grown significantly over the last several weeks. Many facilities in the U.S. are purchasing these units in anticipation of the COVID-19 vaccine release and accompanying requirements for cold storage. 

If you have any need to replace an aging freezer in your department, we strongly recommend that you contact suppliers who offer these products as soon as possible to discuss your options. Two of our largest scientific suppliers and our University-wide contracted supplier for appliances have communicated to us that lead times for cold storage units are growing daily.  It may take several weeks for a freezer to be delivered to your location or for you to receive spare parts. 

University-wide Contracted Suppliers for Freezer Supplies:

Additionally, we are currently exploring the possibility of purchasing certain laboratory plasticware in bulk, which are anticipated to be difficult to obtain in the near to medium term, to be distributed through the Dietrich School Stockroom in order to help supply research labs. These upcoming product shortages are due to various impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as raw material shortages and regulations regarding reductions in factory staffing to support physical distancing requirements. These laboratory plasticware categories include: Pipette tips, flasks, tubes, serological (disposable) pipettes, cell culture dishes, and plates. We will share more details on this as soon as possible. 

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