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Continued Global Supply Chain Issues

As we have shared throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the University continues to experience delays in the fulfillment of purchased goods due to global supply chain issues impacting many commodities. Purchasing Services continues to monitor and address these supply chain issues with University-wide Contracted Suppliers. 

As a general rule, when planning for the upcoming purchasing needs for your department and making purchases, please anticipate delays in receiving many goods that will likely continue into 2022. Also, consider the following commodity-specific information and guidance to ensure the least impact of these supply chain issues:

  • Computer and IT Hardware - Including limited availability when ordering new laptops, printers, and monitors. Orders placed for these devices may take several months to arrive. Significant delays are also affecting delivery of enterprise hardware components, including wireless access points and advanced network equipment for research computing. Visit Pitt IT’s website for guidance when ordering hardware.
  • International Orders/Imports – Generally, imports of goods are being delayed due to continued supply chain impacts including staff shortages in U.S. Customs, other federal agencies and customs brokers as well as severe delays in container processing in various U.S. ports. It is best to account for extra time when making these purchases, ranging from several weeks to several months depending upon the item.
  • Matheson Gas – We are aware of delivery delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including labor shortages, that are impacting supplies ordered from Matheson Gas. We have been working with Matheson Gas to address these delivery issues and anticipate that these issues will be alleviated in the coming months. Matheson has had recent success in hiring new drivers and is working through the current multi-week backlog of University orders. Visit this page for guidance when ordering from Matheson.
  • Laboratory Plasticware - Certain laboratory plasticware has been difficult to obtain and these supplies will likely continue to be very constrained until the end of the 2021 calendar year or possibly longer. To help supply research labs, the University purchased certain laboratory plasticware, distributed through the Dietrich School Stockroom (DSS). We encourage you to continue to place your orders for these products directly from the DSS through the remainder of the 2021 calendar year. Visit this page for more information.

Check this page for the latest information about impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic related to purchasing.

For any questions, contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service with any questions.