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Contracts+ Launches May 1, 2022 + Training Videos & Resources

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Contracts+ which will create a unified approach to purchasing and contracting for goods and services. Contracts+ is a module within the PantherExpress System which supports contract requests, authoring and management. 

Important Information & Timeline for Contracts+ Launch 

  • In February we introduced Contracts+ to PantherExpress System users we identified as having previously submitted contracts using the Specialty Form process. 
  • Not all PantherExpress System users enter contracts in the system and this module is specifically intended for those individuals who request contracts. We have provided opportunities for live training sessions for users who we identified will likely need to request or approve contracts in the PantherExpress System. 
  • PantherExpress System users must complete the required training to gain access to the Contracts+ module. On-demand training via the online Learning Management System (LMS) is available for users who have not yet completed Contracts+ training. Submit a web inquiry and select PantherExpress System as the "service area" and training for the "I need help with.." fields. 
  • Additional training materials and videos are available on the PantherExpress System Sharepoint site. 
  • Effective May 1, 2022 contract requests must be entered using Contracts+ in the PantherExpress System and the Conference and Event and Supplier Provided agreement Specialty Forms will no longer be available. The Service Agreement Specialty Form will only be used for service agreements under $10,000. The form will be renamed: Short Form Services Agreements. Note: The Research Subcontract form is not moving to Contracts+.

Benefits of Contracts+ 

Contracts+ will provide the following benefits for your department and the University. Many of these benefits directly address and resolve feedback we received from PantherExpress System users in recent customer satisfaction surveys: 

  • Improve visibility into spending on enterprise, service, conference and event, and supplier provided contracts for Purchasing Services, Strategic Sourcing, and RC purchasers and business managers. 
  • Maintain visibility for all stakeholders into the status of all contracts during the contract life cycle from request, through development, execution, expiration. 
  • Improve planning for contract expirations through notifications. 
  • Simplify the process of requesting contract assistance and contract execution. 
  • Ensure accurate allocation of actual contract costs and accurate budget encumbrances across multiple accounting periods. 
  • Reduce audit risks through more effective contract management processes. 


For additional questions, please contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service.