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Home Office Expenses & Taxation Resources

Given the extended period of remote work for many University of Pittsburgh employees during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, we are working on updating our policies to provide more comprehensive guidance on home office expenses. We will share these as soon as they are available. 

Your first step should be to purchase certain products, such as office and computer supplies, using the PantherExpress System at Pitt-negotiated discounts for direct shipment to your home address. In addition, the University may reimburse, with proper authorization, other home office incidentals required for Pitt business that may not be available from our University-wide Contracted Suppliers or purchased locally on an emergency basis. 

Review the Travel, Business Entertainment, Honoraria, and Misc. Reimbursable Expense policy. For questions contact Customer Service

Finally, while the University does not provide personal tax guidance – and we strongly encourage you to consult a personal tax professional – you may want to review the following resources: 

  • Pennsylvania residents may be able to deduct unreimbursed business expenses on their Pennsylvania state tax return. Review the instructions from the PA Department of Revenue for completing the PA-40 Schedule UE to learn more about allowable employee business expenses. Residents of other states should check with their State’s Department of Revenue for guidance. 
  • Currently, full-time University employees cannot take a deduction on their federal tax returns for the cost of the space/office they use while working remotely (aka a “home office deduction”). However, Internal Revenue (IRS) Publication 587 outlines potential deductions on the federal tax return if you work part-time for the University and you or your spouse operate a separate trade/business from your home; or if you work full-time for the University and your spouse operates a separate trade/business from your home.