Important Updates to Supplier Payment Methods & Terms

As we previously shared, the University of Pittsburgh has partnered with JP Morgan as the University’s new banking partner and as a result is implementing the JP Morgan Integrated Payables program. With this program, our suppliers will be able to choose their desired payment method from the following options, including new digital payment options: virtual credit card, ACH/direct deposit, or check.

The JP Morgan Integrated Payables program offers our suppliers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved flexibility of payment terms  
  • Increased convenience through multiple new digital payment methods
  • Greater certainty of payment by eliminating mailing delays
  • Detailed electronic remittance data (I.e. information about what invoices were paid) via email.
  • Immediate availability of funds without needing to deposit checks at the bank

Updated Payment Methods and Payment Terms:

With the rollout of the JP Morgan Integrated Payables Program, we are happy to announce two new payment method options: Virtual Credit Card and ACH/Direct Deposit. The option for a check still remains available. Each payment method has corresponding payment terms which are consistent with industry standards. 

With Virtual Credit Card payments, suppliers benefit from immediate payment terms providing them with faster access to funds. The ACH/Direct Deposit includes payment terms of 45 days and checks, 60 days. The current average time from invoice to supplier depositing the funds is 45 days, as a result of the supplier invoice inconsistencies, mail delays, and deposit lags. We expect this new program to be an improvement with a major benefit being greater certainty of payment dates.

Payment Method Payment Terms Effective Upon Supplier Enrollment
Virtual Credit Card*- NEW! Immediate, upon final approval of invoice
ACH/Direct Deposit - NEW! 45 days
Check 60 days

*Virtual credit card payments are credit card payments made to the supplier by the University and should only be chosen by suppliers who can accept credit card payments or who sign up to accept credit card payments. Standard credit card processing fees apply.

Next Steps

Current Suppliers
Enrollment into this program is a phased process. The following are the next steps in the implementation of the updated payment methods and terms for suppliers, according to role:

JP Morgan

  • Will be reaching out to approximately 1200 suppliers which are mainly comprised of B2B suppliers. These are businesses that JP Morgan believes will accept a Virtual Card payment.
  • Will send an enrollment link to suppliers, which will request the necessary information to complete their enrollment.

Payment Processing & Compliance

  • ​Will be reaching out to the remaining suppliers, including those who requested to receive electronic payment options via web inquiry forms and emails submitted from suppliers and departments.
  • Is reviewing a report based on spend and then systematically working through the supplier list by contacting and obtaining the required information to complete the enrollment process.

University Departments

Most of the work for this enrollment is being completed by JP Morgan and Payment Processing & Compliance. There is no specific action that you must take at this time. However, if you have a supplier that would like to be added into the JP Morgan enrollment process, you can fast track this supplier through one of the following processes:

The department can submit a web inquiry form with the following information OR the supplier can provide the following information by phone or email to Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service:

  • Supplier Name
  • Supplier Address (remittance)
  • Supplier Email - Accounts Receivable Business or Personal (person). This should be the person that has the authority to enter the banking information. Authentication of the banking information will be done by JP Morgan. 
  • Supplier Phone Number
New suppliers
New suppliers will automatically be enrolled into the Integrated Payables Program once a Supplier Verification Form (SVF) is completed. Visit this page for more information about the updated SVF.

Additional Information:

  • Virtual Credit Card PaymentsThis chart outlines the virtual credit card payment method for suppliers.
  • Supplier Outreach: Over the next few months, JP Morgan and Payment Processing will begin an enrollment campaign by reaching out to our suppliers and requesting their accounts receivable contact email address. This information will be used by JP Morgan to send the supplier an enrollment link and subsequent remittance advice for payments made. 
  • Exceptions to the updated payment terms: Exceptions will be made for certain small local, diverse businesses whose payment terms will remain the same as they are currently. Additionally, we will honor payment terms that are a part of long-term agreements with suppliers.
  • Questions: Only enrollment-specific questions from suppliers should be directed to JP Morgan Integrated Payables Supplier Support at 1-877-205-8322 or email All other questions related to supplier payments should be directed to Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service.
  • Payment Terms: If the supplier does not choose a payment method within 30 days of receiving their JP Morgan enrollment link, their file will automatically default to a check payment with a net 60 days term. The payment method and terms will be added to the Supplier Verification form for all new suppliers.
  • Rush Payment: Rush check payment requests will no longer be available. The way to have an early (or rushed payment) will be for the supplier to accept a Virtual Card. If the supplier cannot currently accept a credit card payment, we have resources that we can provide to them. 
  • Virtual Q&A Sessions: These sessions provide an overview of the program as well as an opportunity for questions. Recordings from prior Q&A session are available below:
  • For any Concur users who pay guests using the guest policy (i.e. honorarium, guest speaker, visiting scholar, students etc.), it is important to note that all individuals paid through guest reimbursements in the Concur system will be set to immediate payment terms as part of this rollout and will continue to default to a check payment. If a recipient wants to receive an ACH payment, they should add a comment in the Concur expense report header stating the email of the recipient so that JP Morgan can send them an enrollment link for the ACH payment
  • The latest information, including resources such as Q&A session recordings and FAQs is availabe on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review this FAQ related to the supplier payment methods and terms as part of the JP Morgan Integrated Payables Program. 

For additional questions, please contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service.