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Interim Process for Removing Foreign Transaction Fees

As was previously announced, the University is removing fees associated with its Travel Program. More specifically, departments will not be charged the 3% fee for foreign currency transactions with the University Travel Card.

Because our current Travel Card provider could not completely remove the foreign transaction fee, we have developed the following interim process which will ensure these fees are not charged to the traveler’s department. We are working to develop an automated process and will share those details as soon as possible.

Beginning May 1, 2022, please follow these instructions to ensure foreign transaction fees on a University Travel Card are not charged to the department prospectively:

  1. Each foreign transaction fee must be added to an expense report in Concur as an individual line item.
  2. The traveler must allocate only the line item(s) for foreign transaction fees to the following Travel Account: 02.02105.00000.000000.00001. All other line items should be charged to the appropriate department or grant dependent on the default account code used for the expense report.  
  3. Once the traveler submits their completed expense report in Concur, it will be routed to the approver of the travel account to review and approve the foreign transaction fee line items. Final review and approval will be completed by Payment Processing & Compliance.

While these fees will still appear on the cardholder’s statement, they will not appear on the department’s level reports when allocated to and reimbursed by the Travel Account.

Additionally, you may have read in a recent Pittwire article that we will be implementing a new JP Morgan Chase/VISA travel card with no foreign transaction fee. The target implementation date for this new credit card is fall 2022 with details to be forthcoming.

Visit this page for information about foreign transaction fees charged to a personal card, which is separate from the above process.

For any questions related to travel and travel expenses, please visit the Travel & Expense Management page or contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service.