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Laboratory Plasticware Update

At the beginning of 2021, the University purchased certain laboratory plasticware in bulk to help supply research labs. These plasticware supplies, which have been difficult to obtain due to the supply chain impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, are distributed through the Dietrich School Stockroom (DSS). These plasticware supplies include pipette tips, flasks, tubes, serological (disposable) pipettes, cell culture dishes and well plates. 

A few of our larger suppliers have recently informed us that the supply of many of these plasticware supplies will continue to be very constrained until the end of the 2021 calendar year and possibly longer. We encourage you to continue to place your orders for these products directly from the DSS through the remainder of 2021. Utilizing the lab plasticware purchased in bulk provides the University with the most advantageous pricing and availability. Review the following for the latest availability.

For any questions, contact Customer Service.

Supplies Ordered & Awaiting Delivery

Departments and PIs should continue to place orders directly with their suppliers of choice if they need these specific supplies before the estimated delivery date at the Dietrich School Stockroom.

Product Name

Product Number

On Order

Shipped Date

Estimated Arrival Date

Pipette Tips

02707439 10UL TIP STER FLTR 960/PK

384 CS

80 CS 10UL TIPS Shipped 6/17/21


By 8/31/21

Pipette Tips 02707430 200UL TIP STER FLTR 960/PK 720 CS   By 7/15/21
Pipette Tips 027074404 1000UL TIP STER FLTR 960/PK 50 CS   By 8/31/21

Updated as of 6/30/21

Dietrich School Stockroom (DSS) Inventory:

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