Matheson Gas COVID-19 Update

As industrial gas end-users plan for theĀ research restart, we ask you to consider the following information as you place orders with Matheson Gas during this time:

  • In anticipation of an influx of orders, there may be slightly longer lead-times than usual.
  • For a successful and timely delivery of products, ensure that personnel are on-site to receive any deliveries (unless other prior arrangements are made) and that there are no vehicles blocking access to the dock. If no one is on-site to receive deliveries or access to the dock is blocked, cylinders will be returned to Matheson.
  • Matheson Gas is not on allocation and there are no supply interruptions to report. It is not necessary to stockpile gases, especially liquid gases which will boil off over time and result in potentially wasted materials.

For any questions, please contact Customer Service.