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Matheson Gas Price Increases Effective April 1

We are aware that helium pricing has risen dramatically (over 96% higher than our current pricing) and availability has dropped as the world supply of helium has been affected by: plant fires and closures, the federal government’s decision to dispose of the remaining helium in the Federal Helium Reserve, war in Ukraine and increased worldwide demand. The following are the ways we are working with Matheson Gas (a University-wide Contracted Supplier) to ensure continued access to these products: 

  1. Matheson Gas has secured access to helium for the next six to nine months, which provides the following benefits to the University: 
    • Minimized price increase to the University of Pittsburgh to just 70% over our current price. The price increases will begin starting April 1, 2022. The increased pricing is temporary, estimated to ease in approximately nine to twelve months. We expect pricing to drop once plant closures are lifted as well as the access to federal sites has been provided to the private sector and domestic production on those sites begins.  
    • The University will not be on allocation during this period (based on our current projected usage). It is important to note that many organizations are currently on allocation and suppliers have invoked force majeure clauses which release them from the legal requirement to honor existing orders and pricing due to circumstances beyond their control.  
  2. We have initiated discussions with other major suppliers, but lower pricing is not available and the current level of service that the University expects, including in lab deliveries, is not an option from those suppliers. 
  3. We are working with Matheson on obtaining a price lock on a quarterly basis to combat the potential for further increased prices due to changes in the world market. However, there is not currently a price lock over the course of the next nine to twelve months. 

If you need assistance related to purchases from Matheson Gas or if you have any other questions, please contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service