Nationwide Recycled Paper Shortage

SUPRA, a University-Wide Contracted Supplier for office supplies, has increased its inventory of virgin (non-recycled) paper because their recycled paper supply is soon to be depleted. This increase comes due to a massive fire at the largest U.S recycled paper pulp manufacturer in October 2022 leading to a nationwide shortage in recycled paper. 

This shortage is not specific to SUPRA and has impacted paper manufacturers and office supplies retailers across the country. It is currently not known when recycled paper will be available again.

Please review the following reminders to support sustainable purchasing:

  • Purchasers should combine smaller SUPRA orders into one purchase whenever possible. The suggested minimum order value for SUPRA orders is $25.  
  • The University encourages the use of digital design and production services in place of traditional printing, when possible, as part of the University’s sustainability goals. Visit this page for information about the University resources and University-wide Contracted Suppliers that departments should utilize for digital design and production services, and for when traditional printing is required. 

For tips and resources about making sustainable purchases for your department, visit the Sustainability Initiatives section of the Purchase, Pay & Travel website.

For any questions, please contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service.