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New DocuSign Templates for W-9, W-8, & Supplier Verification Form

To ensure greater security and efficiency, we have developed DocuSign eSignature templates for the W-9, W-8 (both BEN and BENE) and Supplier Verification Form (SVF). These documents and forms are used for adding and/or making changes to a supplier that the University pays. DocuSign eSignature streamlines the approval workflow and reduces paper with this fast and easy way to send and sign documents in the cloud. 

Beginning July 21, 2021, the new DocuSign templates replace the old PDF versions of these forms and the DocuSign templates must be used. Utilizing these templates ensures you are using the latest version of these forms and avoids delays in processing.  

Visit this page for full details about how to utilize the DocuSign templates for W-9, W-8 (BEN and BENE) and Supplier Verification Form. 

For any questions, contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service