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New Platinum Level Contracted Supplier for Management Advisory Services: Huron

We are pleased to announce that following a thorough bidding and negotiation process guided by representatives from each SVC area, the University has established an agreement with Huron Consulting as the Platinum Level University-wide Contracted Supplier for management advisory services. This agreement achieves the following:

  • Increased cost savings for each RC and the University as a whole.
  • Reduced, fixed hourly rates. The best hourly rates were negotiated for an average savings of 5-8% on comparable services with additional discounts for projects with estimated costs of $1M+.
  • Reduced consulting hours, since the learning curve will be smaller for a firm that knows the University.
  • Identification of synergies among initiatives in multiple areas of the University.
  • Faster contracting process for the services you require, since an RFP and cost negotiations have already been completed.

Effective May 15, 2020, Huron Consulting should be awarded new project work without competition when they have the appropriate technical skills, expertise, and relevant experience for the project; can achieve the University’s project timeline; can articulate an appropriate strategy/approach to the project that meets University objectives and minimizes chargeable hours.

For details regarding Huron Consulting’s capabilities as well as the process for leveraging this Master Services Agreement for your department’s needs, visit the supplier information page. For additional cost-savings opportunities, review our full listing of University-wide Contracted Suppliers.

For any questions about the above information, please contact Customer Service.