New University-wide Contracted Supplier: Leica Microsystems Inc.

We are pleased to announce a new University-wide Contracted Supplier, Leica Microsystems Inc.

Leica Microsystems provides life science microscopy portfolio including confocal microscopes, compound microscopes, stereomicroscope instruments, nanotechnology/sample prep instruments and accessories. 

Purchasing from Leica Microsystems provides a variety of benefits to the University and your department, including:

  • Competitive pricing across the University.  
  • Faster order processing for the goods and services required. 
  • When making federal grant purchases subject to Uniform Guidance, a sole source form is not needed. More details included below.

Important information for ordering from Leica Microsystems:

  • Purchase, Pay & Travel in coordination with Internal Audit recently created a process called sole source on file which is intended to simplify ordering from a select group of University-wide contracted suppliers that do not have direct competitors and are not suitable for a competitive bidding process. Leica Microsystems is one of the suppliers that has a sole source on file. Because we already have this form on file for this supplier, this means that you do not need to submit a Directed or Sole Source Justification Form for your order including for federal grant purchases. Please note, however, that federal grant purchases over $250K will still require a cost analysis.
  • For assistance building out your system specifications and accessories, please contact the Leica Microsystems representative on this page. They will provide our negotiated Pitt discounts and if available, offer manufacturer promotions for enhanced discounts.

Important Information for ordering from Leica Biosystems:

  • Leica Biosystems operates separately from Leica Microsystems, and sales of these products are not covered under the University-wide agreement as mentioned above. To place orders for Leica Biosystems products, obtain a quote and utilize the Non-Catalog Form to place an order under supplier name LEICA MICROSYSTEMS INC.

For questions about the above information, please contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service.