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New User Interface for Concur Beginning October 1, 2022

Beginning October 1, 2022Concur will feature the NextGen User Interface (UI) for expenses. The transition to the new UI will take place automatically beginning October 1 and users will subsequently have access to the new UI when logging into Concur. There is no direct action needed from users.

The new UI addresses customer feedback by making Concur more intuitive, reducing the time required to complete tasks and improving accuracy. Key benefits of the new UI include:

  • More intuitive, making it 50% easier for users to learn
  • Task-based windows allow for better visibility, focus and room to work during each step of the process
  • Visual cues to alert users and provide direction to complete tasks if information is missing
  • Optimized task flows and less time spent on expense reports
  • Improvements to the three most time-consuming tasks on expense reports: adding attendees, adding allocation, and itemizing hotel expenses
  • More intuitive and approachable experience for users with visual, auditory, motor, cognitive, or speech disabilities.

Key Updates Beginning October 1, 2022

While Concur pages will have visual differences in the new UI, the functionality of the system will remain the same. The following specific pages or activities will be updated as part of the new UI:

  • Expense landing page
  • Expense report page
  • Expense entry page
  • Mileage
  • Allocations
  • Itemizations
  • Attendees
  • Adding a new delegate


Utilize the following resources for the new UI in Concur:

Please contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service with any questions.