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New User Interface for the PantherExpress System

On July 1, 2021, a new user interface will be introduced in the PantherExpress System. The new user interface will provide a modern look for the requisition, purchase order, and invoice screens. Prior to the mandatory change to the new user interface, the PantherExpress System Solutions Team will enable the ability for system shoppers, buyers, and approvers to review and grow accustom to the new user interface. 

Beginning April 5, 2021, PantherExpress System shoppers, buyers, and approvers will have the ability to toggle between the old and new user interfaces. Shoppers, Buyers and Approvers will see a new “toggle” icon in the bottom right-hand section of the requisition, purchase order, and invoice screens. This toggle icon will allow you to switch back and forth between the old and new user interfaces. 

We strongly recommend you review these specific aspects of the new requisition, purchase order, and invoice interface screens:

  • Changing a ship to address.
  • Adding an attachment to a requisition. 
  • Working with the standard forms.
  • Changing or updating the account code. 
  • Adding a comment.
  • Review the transaction workflow so you know  the status of your transaction in the approval process. 
  • Review the invoices posted against your purchase orders.
  • Approving, rejecting, or returning requisitions.  
  • Placing orders with the Dietrich School Stockroom. 
  • Any use case that may be specific to your area.

Utilize this guide to help navigate the new user interface. The guide shows a comparison between the old and new interface for some of the most frequently accessed screens in the software. 

If you run into a problem while reviewing the new user interface, please email the PantherExpress System Solutions team at We want to gather any feedback regarding navigating the new user interface to address concerns prior to the July 1, 2021 roll out date.

Please contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service with any questions.