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Print & Graphic Design Supplier Consolidation

You may remember that in July 2021 we announced twelve new University-wide Contracted Suppliers for print and/or graphic design services. If you are still utilizing non-University-wide Contracted suppliers for print/graphic design services, we recommend that you begin using the University-wide Contracted Suppliers immediately.

Effective November 24, 2021, print & graphic design suppliers will be consolidated so that these services can only be purchased through a limited number of University-wide Contracted Suppliers. This means:

  • No new purchase orders will be able to be placed in the PantherExpress System or PRISM with print and graphic design suppliers that have been consolidated.
  • Contracts established prior to November 24, 2021 will be honored and invoices will still be able to be processed against those existing Purchase Orders.
  • All University-wide Contracted Suppliers are available and able to service all University of Pittsburgh campuses.

Visit this page to learn more about the Print & Graphic Design Supplier Consolidation, including the list of University-wide Contracted Suppliers and all suppliers that have been consolidated. This page also provides information pertaining to University Resources, that may be able to assist with your project, such as University Communications & Marketing or Printing Services.

As a reminder, University Policy AO 30 requires that departments use a University-wide Contracted Supplier for purchasing items/services for which the University has an agreement. Additionally, utilizing University-wide Contracted Suppliers for print/graphic design services provides a variety of benefits to the University and your department, including:

  • Best overall value and brand fidelity to the University.
  • Competitive pricing. Please note: we still recommended obtaining quotes from multiple suppliers to ensure the best pricing.
  • Wide range of high-quality services to fit needs.
  • Faster contracting process for the services required.
  • Supporting local and diverse businesses.

Coming Soon!

We are planning the launch of eLynxx, an automated and user-friendly way to bid and award print and graphic design projects via the PantherExpress System. We will share more information about the launch soon.

Contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service with any questions.