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Reminder: Expense Report Forced Reconciliation - Fiscal Year-End

University Travel Card cardholders are responsible for reconciling all charges on their University Travel Card in Concur. To ensure compliance and reconcile outstanding liabilities, Payment Processing has established a procedure to force reconciliation of expenses in the Concur system that will be more than 90-days old at the end of the fiscal year. 

For fiscal year close, this expense reporting procedure applies to any and all travel or University Travel Card expenses that were incurred before April 1, 2022 and have not been submitted on an expense report in Concur. Please read this email and review the procedure carefully if you have any such charges. 

  • If un-submitted charges made prior to April 1, 2022 are for a trip or event that has not yet happened (future flight or conference, for example) and you do not wish to have those charges expensed now, please email Stephanie Ford-Jones, Payment Processing Manager, by June 1, to request  excluding those charges from this process. If you are unsure what fiscal year your future travel should be expensed in, please verify with your department. 
  • Starting May 16, charges made prior to April 1 will be moved to expense reports in Concur. Reports with charges made prior to April 1 that have not been submitted by May 31 will be submitted by Payment Processing during the first two weeks of June. Cardholders should review expense reports with any such charges before May 31 and submit them when they are accurate and complete. 
  • Cardholders are responsible for ensuring the right account number is selected either by entering the expense report themselves or by reviewing and editing the report, as necessary. Failure to do so could result in inaccurate account number assignments and reporting.
  • Cardholders are responsible for ensuring transactions have appropriate receipts when required. Failure to attach required receipts may result in charges being considered taxable income by the IRS. Cardholders can add receipts after an expense report has been submitted and approved. 
  • Incorrect account numbers can be corrected by submitting journal entries to the Financial Records Services (FRS) department before June 20, 2021. Journal entries cannot correct charges across fiscal years. 

It is critical to the University’s financial statements that all expenses are properly recorded as University expenses in a timely fashion. Our policy states that all travel charges should be expensed within 30 days of the end of a trip.

For questions about Concur or expense reporting, please contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service.