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Sanitizing & Disinfecting Products Currently Unavailable Through Supra/Office Depot

Due to extraordinarily high demand for sanitizing and disinfecting products as a result of COVID-19, Supra and Office Depot are unable to fulfill University orders or backorders for such items. Furthermore, newly implemented federal mandates require Supra and Office Depot to prioritize allocation of these items to essential customers (such as healthcare providers and first responders) upon availability.

If you placed an order through the Supra punchout for sanitizing or disinfecting products over the last several weeks, you will receive a cancellation notice for any backorders of these items from Supra and Office Depot in the coming days. Supra and Office Depot have been in constant communication with Purchasing Services and this decision was made with consideration by Supra, Office Depot, and Purchasing Services.

If you have any questions about the status of your Supra order, please contact Imani Boyd ( or Greg Babbs (