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SUPRA/Office Depot Price Increases Anticipated Beginning April 7

SUPRA/Office Depot, a University-wide Contracted Supplier for office supply products, notified us of upcoming price increases for all products. The average price increase is 8.4%. The increases are a result of increased costs such as labor, transportation, and materials. 

The increased prices are in line with a steep increase of wood pulp over the past year and are consistent with the US Producer Price Index which identifies a 7.2% increase in the cost of office supply pricing and a 16.6% increase in the cost of pulp and paper, over the last year. 

We want to ensure that you and your department have the opportunity to plan and purchase products from SUPRA/Office Depot at the current price.

Price changes are anticipated to take place on April 7, 2022.

These price increases are in addition to the email we sent in February about price increases for certain paper types from SUPRA/Office Depot, as well as information about ways to offset a portion of the paper price increases.

For additional questions, please contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service.