Travel & Expense Management Newsletter: Spring 2023

Welcome to the Spring 2023 Travel & Expense Management Newsletter! We plan to share these newsletters on a quarterly basis moving forward.

Travel & Expense Management Lunch and Learn

Join the Purchase, Pay & Travel team via Zoom for a Travel and Expense Management Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. We will review important information and training topics related to the travel and expense management program. This session will cover frequently asked questions about payment processing, the Concur system, and travel topics, concluding with a question-and-answer period. For more information and to register, visit this page.

Enterprise Rental Car Update

As a reminder, when booking a rental car through Enterprise Car Rental, a credit card will be needed in the traveler’s name at the time of booking. Along with discounted rates and benefits for business travel, the Enterprise Car Rental Personal Purchase Discount Program – is available through PittPerks. Visit this page to learn more about Enterprise, a University-wide Contracted Supplier for car rental services. 


As of December 2022, former institutional purchasing credit cards, the University Travel Card and P-card, were replaced by a singular payment method: OneCard. The OneCard is administered through the University’s banking partner, JP Morgan. OneCards have since been issued and is the preferred payment method for purchases as outlined on the Payment Method Comparison chart. Visit this page for more information, including a full list of benefits.

Fraud Alerts

To improve your experience with OneCard and protect the University from fraud, we are asking all cardholders to enroll in fraud alerts. Enrolling will allow the cardholder to authorize transactions that JP Morgan flags as suspicious, and to stop transactions that are fraudulent. Please visit this page for instructions on how to enroll and learn more about fraud alerts. 

Travel Tips

A regular email series, What to Expect When Travelling, is intended to equip University travelers with the latest travel industry information and tips. Most recently we shared information to assist travelers who may be traveling this summer through New York or Washington D.C. All the travel tips provided through this email series can be found on the Purchase, Pay & Travel website

Forced Reconciliation of Expense Reports for Fiscal Year End

To ensure compliance and reconcile outstanding liabilities, Payment Processing & Compliance (PPC) has established a procedure to force reconcile expenses in the Concur system that will be more than 90-days old at the end of the fiscal year. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and University Policy FN 28 require Travel Card/OneCard cardholders to reconcile expenses in a timely manner, which is defined as within 30 days of returning from travel or within 30 days of when the expense is incurred for non-travel related expenses. Learn more about the next steps that may require action from you.

For additional information, visit the Purchase, Pay & Travel website.