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University Spend Goals with Diverse & Local Suppliers + Resources

The University has established goals, as part of the Plan for Pitt, to support the community and economic development by increasing spending with diverse and local businesses. These are goals that each department can work towards achieving.  In 2021, Jennifer Barnes, Supplier Diversity and Sustainability Coordinator, met with leaders from each Responsibility Center (RC) to discuss the University’s Supplier Diversity program, review the RC’s current spend with diverse suppliers, and strategize ways to improve spending with diverse and/or local suppliers in support of the University’s overall goals.  

We wanted to ensure that you are aware of the following University goals as well as ask for your help in supporting these goals within your own department.  

While the University has established goals related to spending with diverse businesses in prior years, it is important to note that this is the inaugural year for goals specifically focused on increasing our spend with Black-Owned businesses as well as local businesses. 

FY25 University Spending Goals

Increasing Spending with Local Businesses

  Construction Non-Construction
Allegheny County 65% 35%
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 73% 52%


(the greater 13 SW PA Counties outside of Allegheny County)

70% 45%

Increasing Spending with Diverse Businesses 

  Construction Non-Construction
Diverse Businesses 10% 15%
Black-Owned Businesses 8% 5.5%

The following are the top ways through which you can support the University’s goals by increasing your department’s spending with diverse and local suppliers:  

  1. Utilize University-wide contracted suppliers. There is a column in this directory that indicates if the supplier is a Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) and the type of designation. There is also a column which indicates if they are a supplier in the state of Pennsylvania.  
  2. Use the following tools and resources:   
    • Visit this page for a listing of Diverse Business Suppliers as well as additional tools and external resources.  
    • Visit this page for information and a video tutorial to learn how to utilize the PRISM Search DBE Suppliers Tool. This tool lists all available suppliers from whom any individual purchaser across the University has purchased and whose Supplier Verification Form indicated a Diverse Business Enterprise status.   
    • Visit this page for information about buying local, including a listing of local businesses from whom the University has purchased goods and services. 
  3. When there are purchasing opportunities, consider including diverse and local suppliers in your search for new suppliers.  
  4. Attend a virtual training session on April 12, 2022 from 12pm – 1pm. Registration is free, but is required.  

If you have any questions about how you can support the University’s goals to increase spending with diverse and local suppliers, please contact Jennifer Barnes, Supplier Diversity & Sustainability Coordinator.  

For additional questions, contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service.