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Unused Airline Ticket Bank & Travel Reminders

As all our campuses are now in the Guarded Risk Posture under the University’s operational postures, we anticipate seeing an increase in University-related travel. Before scheduling any travel please take a few moments to review the important information below:

NEW – Unused Airline Ticket Bank

In the fall, we asked for input from each Responsibility Center’s Business Manager on improvements to the process for effective and fair utilization of unused airline tickets due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Using this feedback and working with Anthony Travel, we have created a central unused airline ticket bank to ensure that unused tickets do not expire.

The value of unused airline tickets which were booked through Anthony Travel and charged to subcode 8119 for COVID-19 expenses are now part of the University’s central unused airline ticket bank. Any employee traveling for approved University-related business, in accordance with the University’s operational postures and the COVID-19 Standards and Guidelines for Travel Management, should use this ticket bank for any new airline bookings until it is exhausted.

How to Utilize the Unused Airline Ticket Bank:

  • Call Anthony Travel to initiate the booking at (844) 583-5963 or (412) 246-9024, or book online via Concur. Note: If booking online, you will be contacted by Anthony Travel about your use of the ticket bank. 
  • For all non-05 sponsored project travel: The traveler’s department will be charged for the new ticket cost at the time of the booking.
  • For 05 sponsored project travel ONLY: All new 05 sponsored project travel booked through the unused airline ticket bank will not be charged to the department/project, but will be applied to subcode 8119 since the initial expense remains on the project. All 05 sponsored project travel must be specifically identified at time of booking to ensure usage is tracked in the general ledger account.

Important Reminders:

  • All expenses for travel cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions that are NOT charged to 05 sponsored projects should be charged to subcode 8119 (COVID-19 related expense). Units should debit 8119 and credit the travel expense subcode that was charged. The costs will remain in 8119 and will not cancel out yet; however, the Controller’s Office is in the process of determining the reimbursement process and more information will be forthcoming.
  • Unused airline tickets booked outside of Anthony Travel are not included in the central unused airline ticket bank. Booking travel through Anthony Travel/Concur provides a variety of benefits.

COVID-19 Standards & Guidelines Related to Travel

Under the Pitt COVID-19 Resiliency Framework, all three operational postures require that all travelers obtain pre-approval as outlined in the COVID-19 Standards and Guidelines: Safe Mobility. All University employees should also review the COVID-19 Standards and Guidelines: Travel Management and understand the specific requirements under all operational postures regarding travel reservations, use of the Travel Card and reimbursement.

The University has a managed travel program, which has required methods for booking and procuring travel arrangements under the Guarded Risk Posture, including:

  • All airfare and car rentals must be booked through Anthony Travel, the University-wide contracted travel management company.
  • Enterprise and National are our preferred contracted car rental providers.
  • The University Travel Card must be used for all domestic and international travel expenses where accepted.
  • Expense reports must be submitted through Concur within 30 days of the end of your trip to be eligible for reimbursement.

Please contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service with any questions.