Vincent Payment Solutions Transition to New Cash Card Provider

The Vincent Payment Solutions system is used for paying research participants and individuals for purposes such as per diems, reimbursement, project expenses, team events, etc.

The stored value cards (also known as Cash Cards) used with Vincent Payment Solutions will be provided through a new bank but you will continue to use the Vincent Payment Solutions system to manage stored value cards. Review the following information for the latest details regarding the transition that was completed on April 7, 2023.

New Card-Issuing Bank Terms and Conditions

Please be advised that the issuing bank requires that a printed version of the Terms and Conditions (T&C) brochure* be supplied with each card when the card is given to the payees. 

  • Please provide the T&C brochure* with each new bank card after the transition on April 7, 2023.   
  • Banking regulations require that the T&C brochure* be provided as a printed hard copy. It cannot be sent electronically. Departments are encouraged to use two-sided printing to save resources.   
  • You may order bulk copies of the T&C brochure* through the University’s Logistics and Printing Services. Initial demand may cause delays, so we encourage departments to keep initial order quantities to a minimum and print T&C brochures* internally for the first few weeks. Note that off-campus delivery includes an additional fee.   
  • The option to obtain card sleeves is no longer available. 

*In order to access the T &C brochure, you must login to Pitt's SSO.

Previous Bank Card Destruction 

The cards from the old bank (Renasant Bank) are no longer in the Vincent software and therefore no longer usable.  Those physical cards must be destroyed.  Preferably, that should be done through a shredder or by a shredding service.  The cards can also be cut up into small pieced by hand, if shredding is not an option.  

How to identify the OLD cards so that they can be destroyed: 

  • On the front of the card old bank cards have the word “Vincent” and the “V” branding as shown below:
  • On the back lower right of the card in small print, old bank cards have an 8-digit admin number lower than 57127857. 
  • Wording on the back starts with “This Card is issued by Renasant Bank …” 

How to identify the NEW SouthState cards. These are now in the Vincent software and available to use:

  • On the front of the card new bank cards do NOT have the Vincent name and branding. 
  • On the back lower right of the card in small print, new bank cards have an 8-digit admin of 57308402 or higher. 
  • Wording on the back starts with “This Card is issued by SouthState Bank …” 

Destroy Old Cards by Early May 2023

All card destruction needs to be completed by the beginning of May 2023. We do NOT need to be notified of the 8-digit admin numbers of the cards that are destroyed, as we already have a report of all the numbers.

We continue to work closely with all parties to ensure a seamless transition and will share additional updates as they become available. In the meantime, please contact if you have any questions regarding the transition.   

​Processing Card Requests

To request cards for your department, please email the information below to  

  1. Expected card quantity needed for all your Groups for no more than a three-month period. 
  2. Please limit your order to a quantity that will allow you to sufficiently cover the expected use for a three-month period. Department Admins should evaluate the number of cards that all their Groups need based on prior and expected usage.
  3. Name of department administrator placing the order and receiving the cards.
  4. Card requests will only be accepted from one system Admin assigned to the department ordering the cards. Only one order each month per department will be accepted. 
  5. We will not accept requests directly from specific Groups or Payers.  Any Group or Payer level requests will be referred to their respective department Admins.
  6. Department GL code to cover shipping costs if the cards are coming from the central card manager.
  7. Address to which the card shipment should be sent.
  8. Note: This needs to be an address where a person is able  to sign for a shipment.  
  9. Phone number and email address of the requestor.
  10. If too many cards were requested and not able to be used in a few months, please contact to arrange for transfer to other users that need cards.

Timing and processing of card requests

  1. Starting in May 2023, card requests should be submitted by the department Admin only during the last five business days of each month.  
    1. Requests received earlier than that, will be held until the set monthly order timeframe unless a justification for needing them earlier is included.
    2. We will have an emergency quantity of cards held by a card hub manager that can typically supply up to 100 cards before the order timeframe if there is justification included with the request.
  2. Orders will be consolidated by the Vincent Support Team and sent to the vendor at the beginning of the next month, typically within the first couple of days.
  3. The timeframe for the cards to be created, shipped, verified, and loaded into the Vincent software is often no less than two weeks turnaround, but can take longer.
  4. Each month an announcement will be sent from the email distribution list showing dates that the monthly card request timeframe will be open and the deadline for when they must be received. Those dates will also be added to this page and a link provided in the distribution list announcement.

After Receiving Your New Cards

After the department administrator that made the request receives their requested card inventory, they will be responsible for distributing the cards to their respective Groups and Payers. The requestor must verify the quantity and quality of the order and email the range of admin numbers printed on the back of the cards received to so those cards can be added to their inventory in the Vincent system.

ATM Fees 

The way ATM fees work has not changed with the new bank. There are always two fees that are involved in any ATM withdraw with any debit card, as outlined below.  However, the new bank does use a different ATM network. This means that a larger number of ATMs may charge a fee to cardholders for cash withdrawals

  1. The card processor fees – This is a fee to the bank that owns the card. This fee is waived for the first ATM withdraw after each card load. If no new card load is made and the payee makes a second ATM withdraw, then the payee will incur the card processor ATM withdraw fee of $1.25 per withdraw or until the next card load as noted in the Terms and Conditions brochure in the screenshot below:
  2. The ATM owner surcharge – This fee displays on the screen of the ATM and is paid to the owner of the ATM. It can be avoided by using surcharge-free ATMs, which are listed on the PULSE website ATM Locator | PULSE Network. These fees are not explicitly listed in the Terms and Conditions because they vary based on the ATM being used.

Other Card Redemption Options

Fees can be avoided by using the cards at any merchant to buy goods and/or services (point of sale <POS>), cash back at the merchant register, inside many bank branches with a live teller, online transactions, and many more ways. For a fee of $2, the payee can register the card through the website on the back of the card and transfer the balance to a bank account as another option to receive the balance.


Payment Processing & Compliance and Pitt IT continue to work closely with all parties to ensure a seamless transition and will share additional updates as they become available. In the meantime, please contact if you have any questions regarding the transition.