Payment Methods

For guidance on selecting between using the PantherExpress System and the OneCard, please review this payment methods comparison table (Excel) or contact Customer Service. Please pay attention to any qualifiers, such as "in travel status."

PantherExpress System

A PantherExpress System Purchase Order is the preferred method for purchasing most goods and services (excepting travel) and provides the best contractual terms and conditions to protect your department. It also helps to simplify accounting and purchase record-keeping and feeds data to the University Oracle systems used for budgeting. 


OneCard is an institutional purchasing Visa credit card and is the singular payment method that replaced the University Travel Card and P-card.


As a gesture of appreciation, the University may pay honoraria to certain individuals such as members of Boards of Visitors, guest speakers, judges, panel members, peer/program reviewers, or symposium participants. 

Vincent Payment Solutions & Paying Research Participants/Individuals

Vincent Payment Solutions™ is the University’s payment solution for medical study participants and other applicable individuals. Learn more

Cash Withdrawals

Cash Withdrawals are available by exception when the traveler is in an area of the world where the OneCard is not accepted or for extended global travel. Learn more

Wire Payments and Foreign Currency Transactions

A wire transfer is required when a payment is in foreign currency. These types of payments are made through the PantherExpress System. Learn more about wire payments and the process.

Disbursement Form (Only for Regional Campuses)

The use of paper disbursements is only available to regional campuses, for certain unusual circumstances, and requires approval from Payment Processing.