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Cash Withdrawals

The University Travel Card is the preferred payment method while traveling for the University because they provide the most convenient and safest way to pay for travel expenses. For safety reasons, the traveler should carry as little cash as possible. However, cash withdrawals are available by exception when the traveler is in an area of the world where the Travel Card is not accepted or for extended global travel.

Cash withdrawals are only used while traveling in countries that do not accept credit cards for payments. Cash withdrawals are not to be used for airfare, hotels, taxis or items that can be charged on the Travel Card.

Cash withdrawals are subject to University Policy FN 27, Cash Withdrawals. The traveler must reconcile all cash withdrawals within 30 days from return from travel. To request a cash withdrawal:

Travel Card ATM Withdrawals

Travel Cards can be opened for ATM withdrawals by submitting a change request.

Requirements: You must submit a change request form and be travelling to an area with ATM availability.

Instructions: Complete and submit a Travel Card Change Request Form to request the ability to make ATM withdrawals. Write "ATM Withdrawals" on the line for part 5, "Other Change."

Processing Time: Allow three to four business days to process the change request.

Withdrawal Fees: ATM withdrawals are subject to 2% transaction fees; will also be applied. This fee is able to be expensed.