Disbursement Form (Only For Regionals)

Most invoices previously processed through paper disbursement requests must now be submitted through Specialty Forms in the PantherExpress System. The use of paper disbursements is only available to regional campuses, in certain unusual circumstances, and requires approval from Payment Processing. If you have received approval for a paper disbursement, please follow the instructions below 

Before following the instructions below: contact Customer Service to seek approval if you believe you may need approval to use a paper disbursement.

How to Access the Disbursement Form

The Disbursement form is available through University Business Forms (UBF) as follows:

  • Sign in to Pitt Passport at my.pitt.edu page, search for and select UBF
  • Select Forms Library from the left-hand navigation
  • Select the Disbursement form, then follow the submission instructions on the form.