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Beginning in the Fall of 2022, the current institutional purchasing credit cards, the University Travel Card and P-card, will be replaced by a singular payment method: OneCard. Visit this page to learn more.

The P-card is a supplemental purchase method for certain types of low-value, low-risk, or emergency purchases. A P-card is an institutional purchasing VISA credit card administered through PNC Bank. For more information about P-card use and examples of prohibited purchases, please review Policy FN 20, Procurement Card.

The PantherExpress System is the preferred purchasing method for most routine goods and services. The University Travel Card is the preferred payment method for travel bookings and purchases, purchases in travel status, and for business entertainment expenses that cannot be purchased through the PantherExpress System. Conference registrations, memberships and dues, and travel purchases should be made only on the University Travel Card and not the P-card

For guidance on selecting between using P-card, PantherExpress System, and the University Travel Card, please review this payment methods comparison table (excel) or contact Customer Service.

Access and Training

Visit this page to learn more about obtaining a P-card, as well as training resources.

Lost Cards

It is very important to notify PNC Bank immediately when a cardholder or department administrator realizes a P-card has been lost or stolen. The toll-free phone number to call PNC Bank is 1-800-685-4039. This number is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The bank will be able to stop activity immediately. Finally, submit a P-card inquiry so that the P-card Administrator is aware that your card has been lost or stolen.

Using Your P-card

Purchases that fall within the bounds of the policy may be made by using the P-card in the same ways you would make any other credit card transaction. 

P-cards may be used to purchase certain types of software if the cardholder has taken the appropriate training course. These software purchases include wrap, click-wrap, click-to-accept software and services, as well as business-related apps. Review the Exceptions section below for more information.

P-cards should, generally, not be used for services purchases, excepting emergency repairs which are an allowable expense.

Note: There are merchant categories that are not applicable to the University's day-to-day business affairs. Your transaction could be rejected at the point of sale if you attempt to purchase goods that are categorized with non-approved Merchant Category Codes (MCC). However, occasionally a supplier can be categorized with an incorrect MCC code. If this is an issue, please contact Customer Service.


  • Imported books & journals: P-card users are authorized to purchase imported books and journals. However, the P-card cannot be used to purchase other foreign good imports.
  • Software: P-card holders who have completed the P-card: Purchasing Software training are authorized to purchase the following types of software with their P-cards: wrap, click-wrap, click-to-accept software and services, and business-related apps.
    • Note: a software purchase that requires a signed Software License Agreement is NOT considered certain Software and is therefore not eligible to be purchased with a P-card.

Reconciling Your Expenses

P-card expenses must be reconciled in the P-card Redistribution application with the PRISM system. Anyone who is responsible for redistributing P-card charges must take the P-Card Redistribution training.