Inbound Freight Management Program

The OptiFreight Program provides University-wide inbound freight management services. Highlights of the program include:

  • Reduced Freight Costs: University departments will save an average of 45% on inbound freight expenses (savings percentages will vary by supplier).
  • Increased Efficiencies: The OptiFreight Program closely monitors the quality of carrier and supplier performance and allows you to track inbound freight costs.

For questions, please contact Customer Service

How the OptiFreight Program Works

If you are placing an order with a “participating supplier” (i.e. a supplier that is participating in the OptiFreight Program), the supplier will fill the order and the carrier will ship the order on our third party account with OptiFreight.

OptiFreight and Your Level Report

The OptiFreight program is provided by Cardinal Health, a University-wide contracted supplier for freight management. Therefore, when you place orders through a participating supplier, the inbound freight charges for each shipment will appear on your FGAR311 Level 1 Financial Report as “Cardinal Health” with the correlating PO numbers as shown in this example.

Please note: Cardinal Health provides the OptiFreight service but it is not a University-wide contracted supplier for scientific, medical, or other supplies. 

Participating Suppliers

Download this spreadsheet to see a current list of all participating suppliers.