Returns and Credits

If you need to return an item to a supplier, you must first contact the supplier to schedule a pickup of the item(s) you are returning. The buyer or the buyer's department is then responsible for requesting a credit for the value of the return in one of the following methods:

Credit memo

This is the preferred method and should be utilized whenever possible. Once processed, it is immediately reflected on the department's level reports and does not require any additional journal entries. 

  1. Request a credit memo from the supplier which must include both the original invoice and PO number.
  2. Credit memos with the accompanying information must be submitted in one of three ways:
    • Invoice in an email attachment - Preferred
      • Attachment must be a JPG, PDF, TIF, DOC or DOCX and must not exceed 10MB
    • Fax Invoice – 919-654-2011
    • Hard Copy – University of Pittsburgh | PO Box 3329 | Scranton PA 18505

Refund Check

This method is not preferred because it requires manual journal entries in order to be reflected on the department's level reports.

  • The check must include the original invoice and PO number.
  • The department or buyer must provide the supplier with a valid address where the check can be received.
    • It is the responsibility of the buyer or the buyer's department to decide if the check will be received within the department or sent to Payment Processing: 116 Atwood Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15260. 
    • ​If the department chooses to receive the check, they are responsible for the deposit as well as making the appropriate manual journal entries.