Purchasing Services

University of Pittsburgh Campus - TowersPurchases of services require a contract or agreement and should be entered into the PantherExpress System using one of the forms. In order to minimize risks to your department, you should consistently use the University's standard terms and conditions of purchase. If you place orders without a purchase order or an approved contract, you may severely limit your department's ability to file a claim against the supplier. 

University Policy AO 30 requires the use of University-wide contracted suppliers, when available, for the product being purchased. Use the PantherExpress System and the supplier's hosted catalog, punchout, or standard form for purchasing as it is the fastest and easiest way to purchase from University-wide contracted suppliers.

University-wide Contracted Suppliers offer the best overall value to the University. This means that, in addition to discounted prices for the University's most frequently purchased items, University-wide contracted suppliers offer excellent service, a quick and easy paperless ordering and payment process through the PantherExpress System, and other important contractual protections for the University.

If your requirements are unique or not provided by a University-wide Contracted Supplier, you may purchase items from other suppliers. Please consider a risk analysis and review the information under Type of Suppliers.