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Purchasing Services Over $10K

Services Agreements over $10,000 must include a Contract Entry Form and a Schedule A – Scope of Services as attachments.

Competitive Bidding

Competitive bidding is required whenever a planned purchase of goods or services will be $10,000 or greater. University policy FN 05 outlines the competitive bidding requirements, thresholds for purchasing requirements, and exceptions. It is important to note that competitive bidding is not required when using University-wide Contracted Suppliers, unless the order is funded by a Federal Grant.

Competitive bidding ensures that your pricing will be competitive within the marketplace and makes the supplier more likely to provide its most aggressive pricing and other terms. It also ensures your compliance with University policy. While competitive bidding is not required for purchases under $10,000, it is required that purchasers compare and/or evaluate potential suppliers in order to obtain the lowest total cost. 

Directed or Sole Source Justification Form

If you are not conducting Competitive Bidding, you will be required to attach a Directed or Sole Source Justification (DSSJ) form with your attachment. The DSSJ form confirms the fact that the requester does not have any personal financial conflicts with the requested supplier. Only deans, department directors and department chairs (“3Ds”) may sign as the approver on the DSSJ.

Purchases Up to $50,000

For purchases between $10,000.01 and $50,000 where the purchase is not with a Contracted Supplier, purchasers may use the Request for Quotation template for the competitive bidding process and submit the documentation with your requisition through the PantherExpress System.

Purchases Over $50,000

For purchases over $50,000, purchasers should work with their assigned procurement specialist to issue a Request for Proposal.