Purchasing Services $10K & Under

The standard purchasing method is the PantherExpress System. Purchasers should always use University-wide Contracted Suppliers if available.

Departments can approve all purchases $10,000.00 in value or less. While competitive bidding is not required for purchases under $10,000, it is required that purchasers compare and/or evaluate potential suppliers in order to obtain the lowest total cost.

Agreements for services under $10,000 with domestic companies or individuals or companies should be submitted using the Services Agreement – Short Form Domestic. These agreements also do not require documentation of competitive bidding or a Directed or Sole Source Justification form (DSSJ), we do always recommend that the department conduct comparative analysis before selecting a provider.

If the agreement is under $10,000 but has non-standard terms or is with an international provider, you will need to use the Contract Entry Form with a Schedule A – Scope of Services. Review these tips to help with writing a Scope of Services. These types of agreements should also include competitive bidding information or a DSSJ

Additional required attachments for services agreements include:

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • A copy of the provider’s quote or proposal
  • The outcome of the 20-factor test
  • Copies of any necessary approvals from Pitt IT, Facilities, EH&S, and/or University Counsel