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Special Types of Services Agreements

Guest Speakers/ Honorarium Agreements – No Agreement Required

Guest speakers and other types of honoraria recipients do not require an agreement as this is not a service contract. Use the Pitt Guest Policy in Concur to process honoraria payments. More information on the honoraria page.

However, if you desire to record speakers or retain rights to the content presented, you must document the speaker’s grant of permission and transfer of rights in writing using the Speaker/Participation Content Recording Agreement.

Conferences & Events Agreements

Visit this page for detailed information about conference & events service agreements.

Loaner & Trial Agreement

Attach the Loan for Use agreement to the Service Agreement in the PantherExpress System when contracting with a supplier who is loaning equipment to the University on a short-term, trial basis for evaluative purposes. In the context of this agreement, short-term is to mean no more than six months.

Photography and Videography Agreements

Attach the Photographer Agreement Form to the Service Agreement in the PantherExpress System when contracting this type of service, regardless of the dollar value. Signing authority for the contract is the same as all other types of purchases. Please review the under $10,000 and over $10,000 information below.