University-wide Contracted Suppliers

The University has institution-wide contracted agreements with a number of suppliers through competitive bidding or negotiated arrangements. It is University policy that you should always use a University-wide Contracted Supplier for purchase of any items for which the University has an agreement.

Adding & Changing New Suppliers

Learn more about adding new suppliers and making changes to existing suppliers (such as to their name, address, etc.).

Diversity Initiatives

The Supplier Diversity Program or Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) Program, is designed to ensure that businesses of diverse backgrounds and ownership have the opportunity to become valued suppliers as a means of improving the general economic well-being of the community and functioning of our local and national economies.

Sustainability Initiatives

The University of Pittsburgh is committed to environmental stewardship through sustainable purchasing, conservation, and construction designed to conserve natural resources and preserve the environment.

Buy Local

In addition to our University-wide Contracted Suppliers, we encourage University departments to consider purchasing products or services from local suppliers when possible.

Alternative Suppliers

Occasionally, a University-wide Contracted Supplier cannot provide the item or a technical equivalent, or may not be able to meet or beat a competitor's price. Learn more about using alternative suppliers when needed.

Information for Suppliers

Companies currently doing business or who are interested in doing business with the University of Pittsburgh should review this information.

Consolidation Initiatives

Scientific supplies, computing supplies, and office supplies, which were available from a range of suppliers, were consolidated to be purchased through a limited number of suppliers. Learn more about these consolidation initiatives.