Consolidation Initiatives

The following categories of goods, which were available from a range of suppliers, were consolidated to be purchased through a limited number of suppliers. Read more about the details of these consolidation initiatives below.

Computing Consolidation Initiative

The Computing Consolidation Initiative (CCI) establishes standard configurations and purchasing agreements for desktop and notebook computers, including computer supplies and accessories that will provide the University with professional, business quality computers while achieving considerable cost and time savings.

Office Supply Consolidation

The Office Supply Consolidation Initiative (OSCI) established Supra Office Solutions, Inc. (SUPRA) as the platinum-level provider of office supplies for the University of Pittsburgh effective March 3, 2014. SUPRA is designated as a Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE).

Scientific Supplier Consolidation

The Scientific Supplier Consolidation Initiative (SSCI) established Fisher Scientific, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., as the preferred, platinum-level provider of scientific supplies, scientific equipment and instrumentation as of April 29, 2010. Additionally, this initiative has consolidated other scientific suppliers, when applicable, to other University-wide Contracted Suppliers such as VWR. 

Print & Graphic Design Consolidation

The Print & Graphic Design Consolidation establishes a limited number of University-wide Contracted Suppliers to provide print and graphic design services effective November 24, 2021.