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Frequently Asked Questions

 General Information

Who is SUPRA?

SUPRA is the platinum-level supplier of office supplies for the University of Pittsburgh.

Based in Pennsylvania, SUPRA is a DBE located in a HUB Zone. Important considerations for University researchers in meeting federal and state grant and contract subcontracting plan requirements are that SUPRA holds numerous certifications as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) from the Pennsylvania Department of General Services, PA-NJ-DE Minority Supplier Development Council and Western Pennsylvania Minority Supplier Development Council and meets Tier 1 Small Business Administration (SBA) diversity partnership requirements. In addition, the SUPRA team has established a reputation for providing innovative ideas and processes to a national account base.

Who is Office Depot, Inc.?

Formed by the merger of Office Depot and OfficeMax in November 2013, Office Depot, Inc. is a leading global provider of products, services, and solutions for every workplace. Office Depot, Inc. is a resource and a catalyst to help customers work better. They are a single source for everything customers need to be more productive, including core office supplies.


How do I know whether my paper selection will work in my printer?

SUPRA can provide you with a sample ream of paper so that you have a chance to evaluate its performance with your printer. To request a sample, please contact the SUPRA Customer Service at 1-855-777-8772 or

In the past, I have purchased a specific type of colored copy paper, but I cannot find it in the SUPRA punchout.

SUPRA can provide you with a color swatch book with the complete Boise or Xerox offering to help you with the color selection process. If needed, you can also request a sample ream of paper to evaluate its performance with your printer. To request a color swatch guide or sample ream, please contact the SUPRA Customer Service at 1-855-777-8772 or To learn more about the benefits, review the Boise FireWorx Colored Papers information sheet and Xerox Vitality Multipurpose Printer Paper.

Ink & Toner

How can I find ink or toner for my printer?

Utilize the “Ink and Toner Finder” feature on the gray bar within the punchout. Follow the easy, 3-step process by inputting manufacturer, product line and model. If you are unable to find the correct item, contact SUPRA customer service at 1-855-777-8772 or or your local sales representatives for further assistance.

How do I know whether my ink and toner selection will work in my printer?

The Office Depot brand ink and toner is guaranteed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If in using the Office Depot brand products under normal business conditions during the 12 month warranty period they fail to perform to expectations, you should contact Supra Customer Service. SUPRA will help initiate the warranty process with the manufacturer who is responsible for issuing the credit of 100% of the purchase price. Review product warranty information for more details.

Personal Purchase Discount Program

How do I get access to the University's SUPRA Office Solutions' contract pricing with its strategic alliance retail and online partner, Office Depot?

It is easy. For retail and online purchases, review the instructions.

Sorting, Searching & Ordering

How do I place orders with SUPRA?

SUPRA is a PantherExpress System enabled supplier. Log into the PantherExpress System and click on the SUPRA icon to begin shopping the punchout. You can shop the punchout by using the Search Box or the Order by Item feature, or you can use the product categories displayed at the top of the punchout to drill down for specific products.

I do not have access to the PantherExpress System. How can I place orders from SUPRA?

In order to place orders for office supplies, purchasers must be registered PantherExpress System users. Review the instructions for user access here.

How do I search for the items I need?

There are Categories that will help you to research the product before you order, enabling you to drill down into sub-categories. The Keyword Search will allow you to search by keywords, with a predictive search box helping to eliminate misspelled words and helping with search terms. You may also use the Quick Entry form to enter up to twenty item numbers and quantities for items you want to purchase.

SUPRA customer service at 1-855-777-8772 is always available to answer your questions about product and help you find products.

I got an error message after clicking the “back” button from the checkout page. Why did this happen?

The Back button should not be clicked while in checkout. Instead, you should use the links on the page to navigate where you need to go. For example, if you need to get back into the PantherExpress System, click the Checkout button. 

What is a shopping list?

A shopping list contains items that are ordered frequently. The items can be added to a Personal Shopping List when browsing the Catalog or from the Quick Entry form. Personal Shopping Lists are created by you, for your exclusive use. They cannot be viewed by any other end users. It is highly encouraged to add items to your shopping list(s) to make it easy to locate the correct part number for future reordering. Review the instructions for creating a shopping list.

Can I create my own personal shopping lists?

Yes, creating your own personal shopping list will help you keep track of your regularly purchased items. You can create your own personal shopping list(s) as you shop. Simply click the Add to List button when viewing an item, so that you can easily find these items the next time you order. You can also create a personal shopping list from the Manage Lists link on the My List link. You can create as many personal lists as you would like, but you are limited to 200 items per list.

I cannot find an item I need in the online catalog. Can I still order the item?

The SUPRA product offering has been optimized to deliver the best value, and you should fully consider these best-value products before sourcing alternate products. For any item not found in the catalog, contact SUPRA customer service or your local sales representatives. Additionally, in the PantherExpress System, you can place an order for office supply items using the Non-Catalog Form.

How can I find recycled and compostable items?

A recycled icon appears next to recycled items in the online catalog. You can also find recycled items by selecting and applying the recycled icon to the left of your search results. A shopping list comprised of compostable items titled Compost Solutions can be found on the Shopping List tab on the punchout homepage.

Delivery & Returns

Does SUPRA provide free shipping on orders?

Yes, SUPRA will pay all freight charges for standard ground delivery. Please note that any request for expedited shipping will be at the expense of the University purchaser and will be assessed on the invoice. Exceptions include "project furniture" and "specials orders" which will be quoted separately, and shipping costs will be built into the cost of the product at the time the item is quoted.

When should I place an order to receive it the next business day?

SUPRA recommends having the order created, approved and sent by 4 p.m. in order to ensure next business day delivery. If your order gets delayed in your approval process, it will not be transmitted to SUPRA and therefore, will not be able to be shipped. Place your order by 4 p.m. and get it the next business day. Orders placed on a Saturday are delivered the following Tuesday.

When should I expect delivery of my order?

For items that are in stock, order will be delivery next business day if the order is received by 4 p.m. in your delivery time zone. Many orders will be available as next day delivery, however, please review the Availability Status that is displayed beside the item in the punchout. This will advise you of the exact item availability. If it denotes limited availability, the item is not in stock in the warehouse but may need sourced for delivery.

How will I know if Supra has received my order?

For every order placed, you will receive an email confirmation that details your transaction and product status of the items you ordered.

What is the return policy?

Returns are accepted on stock catalog items in resalable condition with original packing slip and within 30 days of receipt of original shipment. SUPRA will replace all defective and damaged products at no charge to you within 30 days of invoicing the original order. Thereafter, you’ll need to follow the manufacturers’ product warranty policies. Follow these guidelines for returns.

Restricted Items

I tried to buy an item through the SUPRA punchout today and got a restricted message.

If you are trying to purchase a "restricted" item, you will receive a restriction notice that looks like the messages below. Please note that some other restricted items and product categories will not provide this message but will not produce any search results.

What should I do if I need to buy an item that is showing restricted?

There are certain items and categories of products that have been restricted from the SUPRA punchout due to other University-wide agreements in place. Refer to the University-wide Contracted Supplier directory to find another contracted supplier to purchase the item.

Additionally, there are some items that are only available for in store purchases. Therefore, any product that cannot be purchased in the punchout has been restricted.

Who can I ask to get an item unrestricted?

Contact Customer Service to help determine if your item qualifies to be unrestricted. 

I can no longer find light bulbs or other facilities related items that I have ordered in the past.

You will no longer be able to buy step stools, utility carts/dollys/hand trucks, ladders, folding tables, and door stoppers from SUPRA. Grainger, our contracted supplier for these types of items, has access to contractual pricing on these products. Effective July 6, 2015, please use Grainger's punchout in the PantherExpress System to purchase these facilities management related products.

Review this full list of restricted items and where to buy them. You may also contact Grainger's Account Manager for help finding the specific item that you are looking for.

Whom do I contact if I have a question?

For questions about order placement, products, order tracking and returns, call SUPRA Customer Service at 1-855-777-8772 or e-mail