Tools for Finding DBE Suppliers

PRISM Search DBE Supplier Tool

This tool lists all available suppliers from whom any individual purchaser across the University has purchased and whose Supplier Verification Form indicated a diversity business enterprise status. It does not indicate whether the supplier is contracted or non-contracted, however most will be non-contracted and require the use of a Non-Catalog Standard Form for goods purchases or a Services Agreement or Contract Entry Form for services purchases in the PantherExpress System.

If you currently work with or know of a diverse supplier that isn’t properly identified in the PRISM DBE Suppliers Tool, they should complete and resubmit the Supplier Verification Form.  

To access the search tool enter the PRISM application from your page and select "Pitt Supplier View." The link to "Search DBE Suppliers" will appear. You can also search for either diversity or DBE from or find the link in the PantherExpress System welcome messages.

You can use the tool to search for specific suppliers to confirm status or view all suppliers by DBE designation. This tool is useful for completing your Small Business Subcontracting Plan.

This video training walks you through how to use the PRISM Search DBE Supplier Tool:

Questions about the tool should be directed to Pitt IT's Helpdesk or 412-624-HELP (4357).

External Resources

  • PA Unified Certification Program (PA UCP) - the PAUCP online database is a list of any company that has been certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Use this system to search for DBEs using keywords or NAICS codes. You can also search by city or zip code for location-based inquiries.
  • African American Chamber of Commerce of Western PA  (AACCWP) - the AACCWP is a regional organization that provides a directory of their members on this online tool. Most AACCWP members are local, Black-owned companies, but several larger majority supporters are listed in the membership directory as well.
  • Cocoapreneur - is a crowd-sourced, online directory of Black-owned businesses in Pittsburgh. This is a great tool to use if you’re searching for boutique, creative firms or want to conduct a search of businesses within specific neighborhoods.