Info for Suppliers

The University of Pittsburgh is committed to fostering a diverse supplier base. Companies interested in doing business with the University of Pittsburgh should review the following information and resources.


All University of Pittsburgh procurement activities are subject to the University’s policies and procedures. Policies applicable to suppliers are provided below. In order to do business or be considered for doing business with the University, suppliers must comply with these policies. Additionally, suppliers must agree to the University’s Terms and Conditions.

For a full listing of University-wide Policies and Procedures, visit the Office of Policy Development and Management’s site.

Diverse Business Suppliers

The Supplier Diversity Program or Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) Program, is designed to ensure that businesses of diverse backgrounds and ownership have the opportunity to become valued suppliers as a means of improving the general economic well-being of the community and functioning of our local and national economies. Visit this page for information about obtaining DBE certification. 

Commercial Partnerships

Commercial Partnerships provide increased value beyond simple purchasing agreements by leveraging our consolidated spending power across all campuses, plus our athletic, academic, and research strengths and other marketing assets to develop expanded and coordinated opportunities for both the University and its commercial partners. Commercial partners are generally University suppliers and service providers whose affiliations with the University may help to expand their retail or B2B markets.

Learn more about Commercial Partnership opportunities. 

Supplier Invoice Process

Invoices submitted by suppliers are matched with the approved purchase orders generated by the University of Pittsburgh. Invoices with valid Purchase orders will only be accepted by Payment Processing for payments.

Invoices must be submitted in one of the following three ways:

  1. Invoice in an email attachment - Preferred
    • Attachment must be a JPG, PDF, TIF, DOC or DOCX
    • Attachment must not exceed 10MB
  2. Fax Invoice – 919-654-2011
  3. Hard Copy – University of Pittsburgh | PO Box 3329 | Scranton PA 18505

Invoices submitted to the University of Pittsburgh must have the following:

  1. Reference a Valid University of Pittsburgh Purchase order number. Invoices without a valid Purchase order number will be rejected and returned to supplier.
  2. Invoice must be billed to the University of Pittsburgh.
  3. Must contain a unique Invoice Number and Invoice Date. Duplicate Invoice numbers will not be accepted.
  4. University of Pittsburgh Ordering and Ship-to Contact Information.
  5. Single email attachments (Preferred)

Please do not send inquiries or duplicate invoices to This is an invoice processing portal that does not respond to inquiries. Submitting duplicates may delay original payment. If you have any questions regarding how to submit an invoice, please contact Robert Terry, Software and Supplier Liaison.

Supplier Invoice Contacts