Supplier Spotlight

The following are featured suppliers that the University has worked with, including local and Diverse Business Enterprises (DBE) and those with a focus on sustainability. Check back for future supplier spotlights.

SuLo by XYZ

SuLo by XYZ provides charge-on-the-go rental portable charger for smartphones or small electronic devices in various locations on the Pittsburgh campus. SuLo was founded by a University of Pittsburgh Alumna and has a DBE status. Pitt is the first University to have an agreement with SuLo to place their charging stations on campus. Read more about SuLo and their partnership with Pitt.

CertifiNOW, LLC

CertifiNOW, LLC, provides Project Management Training & Consulting Services. They specialize in advanced certification training for professionals and consultants in nearly every primary industry. CertifiNOW was founded by a three-time Pitt alumni and has a DBE status. Read more about CertifiNOW.


Zoltun is certified as a National Women’s Business Enterprise and is a University-wide Contracted Supplier for graphic design services, available for orders through the PrintGizmo punchout in the PantherExpress System. Two of the co-owners of Zoltun are also Pitt alumni. Learn more about Zoltun. 


PopWorld has a menu full of amazing and flavorful popsicles. PopWorld’s goal is to provide a refreshing, whole food treat that can be easily enjoyed by everyone. Pops are vegan and gluten-free naturally and PopWorld can work with most dietary restrictions or preferences. With flavors ranging from simple Strawberry and Banana Milkshake to more adventurous flavors like Avocado/Lime and Mango/Chipotle, PopWorld has something for everyone to enjoy. Read more about PopWorld. 

Kyle's Cakes N'at

Kyle’s Cakes N’at is a local business and offers a menu full of a variety of delicious cheesecakes. Founded by University of Pittsburgh alumnus, Kyle, and his marketing guru mom, Lisa, Kyle’s Cakes N’at follows the philosophy of “Life is short. Enjoy every minute of it, including sitting down to a great piece of cheesecake.”  You can also find Kyle’s Cakes N’at’s delicious cheesecakes at their farmers’ market stands and events in the Pittsburgh region, including the Pitt market. Learn more about Kyle's Cakes N'at.


Choolaah’s co-CEOs, Raji Sankar and Randhir Sethi offer a menu full of delicious, authentic, and accessible Indian cuisine. Their mission is to delight every guest, every time, creating raving fans! From bringing the flavors of India across the globe to the vibrant design of their restaurants, each aspect of their restaurant and menu offers a great and delicious experience. Learn more about Choolaah.

Square Cafe

Square Café offers a menu full of seasonal favorites and their knowledgeable staff is always happy to help any dietary restrictions necessary for their guests. This amazing restaurant will be celebrating 20 years in business this May. Read more about Square Café.

Roots Natural Kitchen

Roots Natural Kitchen Co-founders Alberto Nannum and Alvara Anspach opened Roots with a simple goal in mind: to sell tasty, affordable, and natural food to promote community health. Roots has a menu consisting of deliciously healthy, natural, and fresh options that are affordable to all. Read more about Roots Natural Kitchen.


Polycarbin provides low-carbon lab products, remanufactured from plastics that are sourced in its lab recycling operations. Polycarbin was founded by two former University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine students. Read more about Polycarbin.

SW Sustainability Solutions Inc.

SW Sustainability Solutions, Inc. (SW), specializes in the manufacturing and research and development of biodegradable glove product technologies to provide premium hand protection products leading to enhanced worker safety, comfort, and performance. SW’s distinctive approach to their products involves applying industry insight and a heavy investment in manufacturing innovation to find better ways to advance workplace safety, improve hand health, and increase job performance. Read more about SW Sustainability Solutions.

Above & Beyond Catering

Above & Beyond Catering is a local, woman-owned, small business with a menu full of mouth-watering Mediterranean dishes. Founders Monica and Nicole were both raised with cooking being an integral part of their upbringing and family lives and both came to love cooking and entertaining. After meeting in Pittsburgh, they decided to share their passion with others and opened their first restaurant in 2018. Since then, Above & Beyond Catering has become an integral part of their local community serving amazing dishes that are a must-try! Read more about Above & Beyond Catering. 

Roxanne's Catering

Roxanne’s Catering is a PAUCP certified and MWDBE certified business in Allegheny County with a menu full of catering event favorites. Founder, owner and Pittsburgh native, Roxanne Easley, has been in the food industry since 1992, and Roxanne’s Catering has been a local favorite since 2015. While their menu offers a variety of options and cuisine types, Roxanne’s Catering will also design menus that are exclusive to what a client requests and can adapt to any cuisine requested. Learn more about Roxanne's Catering.