SUPRA and ODP Business Solutions Sustainability Show

Welcome to the digital resource center for the 2022 SUPRA/ODP Sustainability Show!

The goal of this page is to reduce the printed material for this year's show. Browse the resources and information related to office products and sustainability below. 

ODP Corporate Sustainability Report

ODP Business Solutions' environmental, social, and governance sustainability goals and the current analytics behind their success.  

ODP Sustainability Solutions

An in-depth guide to our sustainability solutions​.

ODP Greener Products

Review ODP's eco-friendly products along with their green programs, tips for simple sustainable shopping, and ideas to help help each office go green. 

ODP 2022 Greener Purchasing Program

Check out ODP's booklet on their Greener Purchasing Program, including tips on how to go green and analyzing your business processes to maximize sustainability. Review their rating guide to see your greener purchasing patterns, how to make the best decision on eco-friendly products, greener tools to try to replace current non-eco-friendly items, and how to inpsire others to go green. 

The Supra | ODP Ink & Toner Recycling Program

Review this new programs that offers easier and more sustainable ways for offices to recycle their ink & toner products.

HP Sustainable Impact Report

HP's 2021 report on their sustainability efforts and success. 

HP Recycle program

Check out HP's reuse and recycle program, including tips on how you can recycle your HP products to help create a more sustainable way of doing business.