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Anthony Travel

Booking travel with Anthony Travel, the University-wide Contracted Supplier for travel management, provides access to the University's discounts. Anthony Travel works in conjunction with Concur, a cloud application used for booking travel, to provide you full support for hassle-free business travel. 

Benefits of Booking with Anthony Travel

In addition to the integration with Concur, booking with Anthony Travel offers a variety of benefits to University Travelers. Visit the Travel & Expense Management Program Benefits page for full details. 

Ticket Reissue Fee

After purchasing an airline ticket, if a traveler changes a reservation and it becomes necessary to reissue the original ticket for the new itinerary, a fee will be charged to reissue the original ticket.  You must call an agent to have an airline ticket reissued.  This cannot be done in the online booking tool.

Fee Assessment and Reporting

The booking fee will be assessed at the same time that airfare is booked and will be charged on a separate line item. When processing your expense report, please use expense type booking fees. This will not require a receipt. However, you can view the charge on your itinerary.

Preferred Payment Method

The preferred method of payment to book travel is the OneCard, which is automatically loaded into your Concur profile when the card is issued and will be labeled as Corporate Card. Anthony Travel does not have an alternative method for which you can charge your airfare, hotels, and car rentals (i.e. the University is no longer using ghost cards with back-end reconciliation to allocate charges). A credit card must be provided.

Athletics & Team Travel

The University has partnered with Anthony Travel to provide high-quality, dedicated travel service for our athletics teams. Regional Campus Athletics and Oakland Campus Athletics are served by different dedicated representatives; for details and contact information, please see below.

The University does not currently offer fan, family, or alumni travel services.

General Travel Inquiries & Regional Campus Athletics

Travel arrangements for both general travel for recruiting or conferences as well as regional campus athletics can be booked on the Concur online booking tool or with the general campus agents that are located on the Pittsburgh campus:

  • During business hours (M-F 8:30 am – 5 pm): 844-583-5963 or 412- 246-9024 or
  • During non-business hours: 888-645-4280 - provide VIT code IN2F
Pittsburgh Campus Athletics

Pittsburgh campus athletics department travelers should contact one of the the following two Anthony Travel agents for all individual and team travel bookings.

Marian Clark


John Cecil


Emergency Lines/After-Hours 

469-294-1031 (Primary)

  • Weekdays: 5 p.m. to midnight
  • Weekends and University Holidays: 8 a.m. to midnight

1-800-530-2560 (Secondary)

  • Midnight to 8 a.m.
  • Provide VIT Code: S715C

Hotel Program

Anthony Travel, in coordination with the University, provides a managed Hotel Program for all groups, events and individual business reservation that require hotel accommodations. This program provides the following benefits:

  • Help mitigate risk in the negotiation phase with Anthony Travel working directly with hotels to obtain the msot favorable pricing and terms. 
  • Increase buying power by leveraging total spend across the University and Anthony Travel. 
  • Provide your department and its guests with discounted accommodations that meet the University's standards of quality and service.
  • Anthony Travel brings a wealth of in-depth knowledge and experience working with venues on premier events locally, nationally and internationally that you can leverage for your events.

All contracts with any hotel, regardless of dollar amount, must be initiated through the following process with Anthony Travel's Hotel Program Manager. The Hotel Program Manager has authority to negotiate agreements on behalf of the University and is responsible for cultivating hotel relationships and managing the overall Hotel Program. 

To begin planning your area's next event, please follow the instructions outlined on this page.