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To comply with the University's Revised COVID-19 Standards & Guidelines (effective August 9, 2021): the University Travel Card must be used for all domestic and international travel expenses paid by the University, wherever the card is accepted; and all travel paid by the University must be booked through Concur or Anthony Travel.

The Concur cloud application is used for booking travel through the University's contracted Travel Management Company, Anthony Travel. The Concur cloud application provides access to the University's travel discounts. Concur is also used for reconciling and submitting all travel and business expense reports.

All University Travel Card charges must be reconciled in the Concur expense management system. This system should also be used for any non-Travel Card expenses that are travel-related, including purchases while in travel status, as well as business entertainment expenses, such as hosting conferences or special events.

Access & Training

Visit this page to learn more about accessing Concur, as well as training resources.

Benefits of Booking with Concur

Booking through the Concur tool offers a variety of benefits in conjunction with the University's preferred Travel Management Company, Anthony Travel. Visit the Anthony Travel page for a full listing of benefits. 

Concur Buttons and Icons

The table below provides some of the common icons you will see in Concur along with a description of what they mean. For a full list of icons, review this PDF provided by Concur.

Icon Title Description
Trip Data Indicates trip information from an itinerary
Ground Indicates a Limo, Taxi, or Car ground transportation expense
Credit Card Transaction Indicates that an expense entry was a credit card transaction
Electronic Receipt Indicates Electronic receipt has been sent by the vendor to the user's account
Exception Indicates that an expense entry exception must be resolved before submission
Full Allocation Indicates that the expense entry has been fully allocated
Partial Allocation Indicates that the expense entry has only been partially allocated
OCR Receipt Indicates than an expense entry has an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) receipt
Receipt Required Indicates that an expense requires a receipt
Receipt Attached Indicates that the required receipts have been attached
Receipt Affidavit Indicates a missing receipt affidavit has been attached to the expense
XML Receipt Attached Indicates that an XML receipt is attached to the expense
Round Trip Indicates that the submitted Expense Report is pending review in the invoice portal
Personal Expense Indicates that an expense entry was marked as personal
Report Ready for Review Indicates that the expense report has been reviewed by a delegate and is ready for delegator review and submission; also indicates an invoice match in the invoice portal

Mobile Apps



Fully integrates your expense management process. The Concur App can automatically turn receipts into expenses and send them directly to Concur, making expense reports quicker and easier by doing a lot of the work for you. This functionality was previously part of the ExpenseIt App which was discontinued in December 2018. Find more information and training resources on the Concur website.


Creates a master itinerary for each of your trips that you can access anytime and keeps your itinerary, reservations, meetings, and other trip info all in one place and makes it easy to share.

How To Manually Register Your Travel Itinerary

To comply with the University's COVID-19 Standards & Guidelines: Travel Management, all travel paid by the University must be booked through Anthony Travel/Concur under all operational postures. All travel itineraries paid for by another host institution must be registered manually, as follows:

For Domestic Travel Booked Outside of Concur or Anthony Travel

  1. Confirm that emails have been verified by logging into Concur and selecting Profile Settings > Personal Information > Email Addresses. If your email is verified it will appear with a green check next to it. If there is no green check, please click verify email and follow the instructions. This is the email from which you would forward information. You can have three email addresses. For email addresses, please use the primary account and not an alias.
  2. Next, complete one of the following options:
    • Concur Option
      • Forward any travel itinerary not booked through Concur/Anthony Travel to and it will then appear in My Trips within Concur and in your TripIt App.
    • TripIt Pro App Option
      • Go to the App store on your phone and download TripIt Pro. Use your email address to register your app. Once you have set up the TripIt app you can then forward any itinerary not booked through Concur/Anthony Travel to
      • Open TripIt Pro App and click on bottom left icon Trips, click Add Trip and add information requested.

For International Travel Booked Outside of Concur or Anthony Travel

Visit this page for detailed information and instructions for registering or adding any changes to your trip in the ISOS My Trips portal.