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International & Group Travel

International Travel

Booking international travel, especially for groups, can be complex. It is recommended that you contact Anthony Travel directly to arrange your international trip. Anthony Travel provides assistance with booking international travel arrangements and obtaining appropriate documents (e.g. travel visas, etc.) for your international trip.

In the meantime, the following resources are available to assist you with international travel preparation:

  • PittGlobal: Global Operations Support provides traveling abroad checklists, tips on making sure that your international travel documents are in order, and much more.
  • Technology Guidelines for International Travel provide information on how to secure your technology resources like laptops, smartphones, and mobile devices while traveling internationally.
  • Pitt Research provides information on hand carried items taken on a plane, boat or other form of transportation to another country, which are considered exports, and in many cases need to be declared to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Depending upon destination country, sensitive items may include computers, smartphones, and the installed software on these and other electronics. See section titled Outgoing Transfers.
  • GSA’s Fly America Act is a resource for those traveling on a grant who must comply with federal regulations for international travel.

Settling Transactions in Foreign or Local Currency 

It is easiest to settle the transaction in the same currency that appears on the itemized receipt. This ensures easy matching and filing of your expense report. Generally, it is easiest to settle bills in the local currency since the merchant typically itemizes the receipt in local currency. If the merchant settles your charge in US dollars but provides a receipt in the local currency, you should ask the merchant if they are able to provide you with an itemized receipt in USD. If they cannot or you are unable to contact the merchant, please submit an inquiry to Customer Service for help with reconciling your expenses. 

Foreign Transaction Fees

Visit this page for more information about foreign transaction fees and how to submit for reimbursement on an expense report. 

Cash Management Tips

  • When traveling outside the US, the University Travel Card should be used to pay for expenses where accepted, and use an alternative or personal credit card to pay for expenses where the University Travel Card is not accepted. Use of a credit card reduces the amount of cash that you must carry and generally provides the best exchange rate. The preferred payment method for all travel expenses is the University Travel Card
  • To reduce the amount of cash you must carry, you should pay for airfare, conference registrations, hotel and car rental with the Travel Card or through the Concur booking and expense management tools. Review University Policy FN 26, Travel Card for more information. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the University's COVID-19 Standards & Guidelines: Travel Management, require that all flights to be reimbursed by the University must be booked via Anthony Travel or directly in Concur and the University Travel Card must be used for all domestic and international travel expenses paid by the University, wherever the card is accepted. 
  • To reduce the amount of personal funds used on extended University business trips, you should use your Travel Card when possible. You may obtain a travel advance for the number of anticipated travel days times the per diem for your destination if your destination will not likely take credit cards for transactions. Please note there will be foreign transaction fees associated with your transactions abroad. 
  • For extended trips, you may seek reimbursement remotely through the Concur expense management tools. The funds will be direct -deposited to your personal bank account. 
  • If you need a cash option (i.e. access to cash during your trip), you have two options: 
    • Request your Travel Card be opened for ATM withdrawals by completing a Travel Card Change Request form
    • Consider requesting a travel advance to transfer departmental funds into your personal bank account so that you can withdraw cash as needed during your trip. Allow three to four days to process the transfer; withdrawal fees apply.

Group Travel

It is recommended that you contact Anthony Travel directly to arrange group travel (international or domestic) so that you have hassle-free access to the best group rates and to ensure that your group travel expectations are being met.

Please note: if you are booking a local hotel for an incoming group, please refer to the Local Hotels page for guidance.